More than 20 priests world wide declare for Pope Benedict XVI

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The clergy in communion with Pope Benedict XVI, who are publicly known, comprise Archbishop Lenga (Poland), Bishop Gracida (Texas, USA), Don Alessandro Minutella (Palermo), Don Enrico Roncaglia (Treviso), Don Enrico Bernasconi (Puglia), Don Francesco D’Erasmus (Civitavecchia), Father Walter Covens (Carribean), and two priests from Colombia and Equador, and most recently Father Leatherby (California, USA). Those with names in bold face, have had the merit and honor before God and men to be “excommunicated” by their Bergoglian Bishop for preaching the truth of the fraud perpetrated by Bergoglio in 2013.

But now there has been brought to my attention more than 20 other priests throughout the world who have declared for Pope Benedict XVI. They recognize that Pope Benedict never renounced the papacy, because what he did on Feb. 11, 2013 did not fulfill the requirements of canon law — requirements which cannot be changed by interpreting them away.

But this is just the number of priests who are known by others than myself. I personally know of that there are entire religious communities of priests who all offer their masses in communion with Pope Benedict XVI and who reject Bergoglio as the pope.

And those numbers will continue to grow, as the absurdity of Bergoglio as pope becomes more and more impossible to ignore.

If I know some 100+ priests who have declared for Pope Benedict XVI, then surely there are 1000s, because my sources of information are small.

Let us pray for all these priests. May God give them the courage to speak in public.  The very salvation of the Church requires it.

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7 thoughts on “More than 20 priests world wide declare for Pope Benedict XVI”

  1. Laudetur Jesus Christus! There are in Scotland too, some priest and monks that have been excomunicated in the Christmas Day 2019. Maybe you can find them also! Thank you for all! God bless you!

  2. Reblogged this on RemnantDisciplesJtM and commented:
    It is becoming clearer and clearer that the usurper on the throne of Peter is just that as well as a “destroyer” (St Francis) and a deceiver. He is the False Prophet as described in Revelation. He is slowly but surely making the path clear for the Anti-Christ to take over.
    More and more priests are beginning to have the courage to acknowledge that Pope Benedict XVI is the one and only, true pope.
    These numbers can become an avalanche, but we have to make our opinions heard. Acknowledging the Truth will be the means to save millions of souls (including some priests and bishops), who are being led along “the road to perdition.”

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