5 thoughts on “Share! — Hard Facts which prove the Pandemic is a hoax”

  1. Good stuff! Sharing it??? Good for those who already agree but will anger those who don’t.

    I speak from the experience with my kids. They Virus believers tell me never, ever, to send them anything like this again. They are mad. They accuse me of causing dissension, of not being Christian, of being a ‘hater’. The Virus and environmentalism is their religion it would seem.

  2. 1. No one has proven the existence of any “Covid 19 virus” per Koch’s Postulates. It has not been isolated. They are calling the common cold or common flu a “virus”, with a different name, Covid 19. The CDC reported only a few deaths from the flu years ago, average was under 100 per year, and whether or not it was the flu is still disputed. Then the CDC decided to lump together the supposed flu deaths with pneumonia deaths in all future death counts. (Actual flu deaths have always been less than 100, with some dispute). This year, the renamed the category, instead of ” pneumonia/flu” they are calling it Covid 19 deaths. Then, they issued NEW death certificate guidelines in April 2020, if any death from ANY cause MIGHT have ALSO had some cold or flu symptoms, report it also as a Covid 19 death. Clear DOUBLE COUNTING. No tests required. So, the death counts are all fake. Drownings have been double counted as also Covid Deaths, murders have, car accidents have, etc etc. Under the old counting system, we are really probably at less that 100 disputed flu deaths.

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