Practical Advice for Busting the Scamdemic

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Do what I did today. Go into a supermarket with out a mask, hold your head up proudly and expect no reaction.

I did this as a test as to whether the general populace still believes in the Scamdemic.

The result?

No one stopped me, no one accosted me, no one asked me to put on a mask.

Only after the checkout, as I left, did the cashier say: Next time wear a mask, honey!

Next time?

This is a sign that the Scamdemic has failed. This was a supermarket chain found throughout Europe. It was not a small ma and pop shop.


On the way back from my victory over the NWO, this thought occurred to me.

Start a BUYER’S CLUB in your town on Social Media.  Meet in some park on different days of each week at a different hour. And then go together by foot or car to a different supermarket.


Shop as normal.

The normal supermarket has few workers. They cannot manage civil disobedience when there are more than 12 or 20 persons at a time.

Then, go shop as normal.

If you are asked to wear a mask respond in one or more ways, saying:

1) I am seriologically immune, so I cannot infect you and you cannot infect me.  — Don’t explain what this means.

2) Or say,

a) I heard that the governor or mayor has abolished the obligation to wear a mask.

b) I heard that the High Court has thrown out the obligation to wear a mask.

c) I heard that medical exemptions have been granted for not wearing a mask. And I have one, since I cannot breathe with a mask.

In all such cases, where you have heard such rumors in your neighborhood, on social media, or in your dreams, so you can legitimately  repeat such rumours in good conscience, because in the face of a requirement to live a lie, you can respond that a probable truth is more obliging. — If asked if this rumor is true, say, I heard it, and I believe it is.

Such a manner of acting is not a lie. Because in the face of persecution, you are not obliged to answer with unambiguous statements, you can use a mental reservation. And since your interlocutor who asks you to wear a mask is acting out of a lie and therefore unjustly, you have no obligation to submit to their criteria of falsehood.

3) Or say, if you force me to violate my legal or constitutional rights, I will sue you to the end of your days.  Make this legal threat to the worker, not to the store, not to the manager. This will be effective, because the worker is paid minimum wage and cannot sustain the threat of legal expenses for years on end.

4) Or say, I personally know the owner of the store and if you insist I will see that you are fired. — Such a threat is not cruel, in the face of the demand made upon you to destroy your health. Any honest worker would not be enforcing these rules and should not be working in a business that enforces them. So you have every right to deter them from evil by such a threat.

REMEMBER ALWAYS:  Everyone knows in their heart that the Scamdemic is a HOAX.  They only fear to act on what they know. IN such cases it is morally licit to use tactics like this to dissuade them from doing the evil of forcing you to damage your health and live a lie. Also, most workers have little education, so if you use complex vocabulary they will generally accept that you know that you are talking about and they should not object.

Don’t threaten or use physical force, because that will be used to fault you legally on a basis against which you will have no defense. Threatening physical force in many countries is the crime of assault. Do not do so with words or actions. It is the legal threat which is immune to prosecution in most countries.


CREDITS:  The featured image is a photo of a poster at Rome, put up just days after the lockdown was announced, as if prepared in advance. It shows that the globalists are racists, because it gives the colored woman a pin head.

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12 thoughts on “Practical Advice for Busting the Scamdemic”

  1. dear Fr. Bugnolo,

    When I did that here,the personnel gave me remarks; when I touched my face I was told not to do so. That happens in Gemany, where I as a foreigner live so far. But not for long anymore …. .


    Op zo 16 aug. 2020 om 10:41 schreef FromRome.Info :

    > From Rome Editor posted: “by Br. Alexis Bugnolo Do what I did today. Go > into a supermarket with out a mask, hold your head proud and expect no > reaction. I did this as a test as to whether the general populace still > believes in the Scamdemic. The result? No one stopped me, no o” >

  2. Where I live in Arkansas I’ve been able so far to shop without a mask, in spite of the state-wide mask mandate. I’ve only been told one time by a cashier that I need to wear a mask and I replied that I have a mask exemption (from my own self–ha). He asked no more, but said okay. I try to be calm and friendly and mind my own business. The least said the better I think. However some places have it really bad with enforcement like what happened to people in Costa Mesa on Saturday:

  3. I think that if we tried something like that (a group meeting up in a park and then going en masse to Mass maskless, the priest and his oh-so-Catholic crime-stopper Karens would call the police (who have been in Church parking lots anyway since last year or longer). We’d be in the local news and with the bishop’s blessing be branded as bandits.

      1. Of course, but I also so desperately wish we could go back to Mass and receive the Body of Christ again. We are being starved by our bishops.

      2. God will give His Faithful the same and greater graces, by spiritual communions, as they would by the Sacrament, because He cannot be thwarted by apostate ministers.

        Rebuke your errant priests, in season and out of season. Make them understand that they are acting as the lawless and the godless.

  4. This may sound ridiculous, but I just don’t feel “fed” with graces and satisfied by T.V. liturgy and spiritual communion. i understand intellectually that you are right, but the “apostate ministry” seems to have ruined my digestion and my disposition.

    1. God is Spirit and Truth. True communion with Him is by grace. The purpose of Holy Communion to to forge and foster that. But when the priests deny us the Sacrament for unjust causes, Jesus supplies through the Holy Spirit. Consecrate yourself to the Sacred Heart and rededicate yourself to love of Him above all things, beyond all things, before all things, in all things honest and just, even unto death.

  5. Food for thought: if one is asked to wear a mask wherever it is, if one is a catholic, then lying isn’t an option! For example, if you are not officially exempt by a doctor, you cannot say you are exempt; do you know what I mean? Lying to escape a draconian measure, whatever that might be, is a mortal sin!!!

    1. It would be a lie for you to say that which is false in response to a question from someone who wanted the truth and had the right to an answer from you.

      Not everyone asking you a question has a right to know the answer.
      Not everyone asking you a question has the desire to know the true answer.
      Not everyone asking you a question has the good will to know the truth.

      When confronting with a person who asks you a question so as to obtain a pretext for doing evil to you, you need not respond as you would to an honest person who wants to know the truth and loves the truth and seeks in now way to harm you and can be trusted with the answer.

      As regards the Lord, He refused to respond to Herod’s question. And He responded to Pilate’s question for our sake, not his.
      Peter lied in saying He did not know the Man, and wept for that sin.
      But, Paul practiced virtue, when accused, when he spoke rather of his hope in the Resurrection to confound his adversaries with dissension.

      Now, it is never a lie to say you heard a rumor.
      Nor is it a lie to say that that which you heard is a rumor, when you cannot verify it.
      So, if any source of information, as specified above, affirms one of those statements, you can legitimately say that you heard it.

      Here we are in a war against truth with PYSCHOPATHS, and thus, since if you respond with pure truth, you lose the battle, you can respond with truth cloaked with subterfuge.

      This is true in all mental hospitals. And with all mental patients. It is licit to respond in such a way as to keep them calm, since having lost all reason, one is obliged only to keep them from hurting themself or others, and thus choses responses to calm them.

      Thus to say, I heard a rumor that, … it is sufficient to make the statement true, that anyone say the thing rumored to you. So before you go out, have someone in your family say to you, the rumor. As I point out in the article above, I presuppose you have heard the rumor, and I assumed the readers had the intelligence to understand what I meant.

      But even if you have not heard a rumor, you can call the truth a rumor. So you can say, I heard that we are all already immune. I heard that the Governor has gone insane. I heard that scientists have discovered that the virus does not exist, is not lethal. I heard that the masks to do not work. But as with mental patients ,you can see, that some of these responses will cause the person asking you to wear a mask to become violent.

      So, that is why you must use the same sort of subterfuge as in a mental hospital, sometimes.

    1. I will add that Mr. Coelho’s notion of being exempt, is the notion of the Psychopaths. Clearly ALL ARE EXEMPT since there is no pandemic and no reason to wear a mask when you are not sick or immune deficient in the present of the sick.

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