1000 German Doctors say COVID-19 is 100% a Scam



Video in German with English subtitles:


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42 thoughts on “1000 German Doctors say COVID-19 is 100% a Scam”

  1. Excellent work. Wish everyone success to bring out the truth in the name of God and for the good of the people.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree, Tessy George; these 1,000 German doctors are telling the truth with their statements that Covid-19 is a total scam. Every one of these doctors are risking their careers by speaking out the truth about Covid-19. that it’s a scam – pure and simple.

  2. Anyone who goes along with this hoax pandemic is literally helping their executioners. As such you deserve to die but you do not get the right to pressure me into it. All attempts to force this anti-human agenda onto me will be met by total resistance. I would rather die resisting or kill, that be made to accept this garbage.

    1. An analogy from the Masonic-led “reign of terror” during the French Revolution may help explain what’s going on in our world:
      Until the 18th century, the French monarchy and culture were based upon Faith (Catholicism) and Reason. Once the gnostic “illuminati” and Grand Orient Lodges got going, however, the plan was complete overthrow of the monarchy, the nobility, the army, the clergy, the Faithful, the Catholic Church. Monsieur Guillotine invented just the ticket, namely an infernal death machine and symbol of horror and national hysteria, to be used by the Revolutionaries as a means to their diabolical end. Guillotines were manufactured at “warp speed” and appeared in towns and cities all over France. (Footnote: the “national razor,” as it was called, remained the the form of capital punishment in France until the 1980’s). The endgame of course was the dictator Napoleon who attempted world conquest…
      Today we have the “pandemic,” a sort of international razor, made to loom over the world and scare people to death or complete obedience. May God deliver us! May Our Lady of Perpetual Help pray for us and with us!

  3. In the United States they’re counting as COVID-19 deaths even those who have died in accidents but happen to be infected with the virus. Hospitals receive up to $33K more for COVID-19 patients than other kind. There are states in the USA where life goes on as usual, pretty much, and the death rate is as normal as it ever was, but ALL the major states run by Democrats are forcing people in lockdowns, and closing businesses. Someone is getting very rich because of COVID-19 AND IT AIN’T US, THAT FUCKING SURE.

  4. Thank you a trillion times for speaking up. You will eliminate nazi authoritarianism for sure.

    1. It isn’t Nazis, it’s the ZioBolsheviks. I know for a fact C0VlD is a massive scam. It is time for Americans who have a brain to rise up and demand an end to this depopulation agenda.

      Those who have taken part in this treasonous agenda must be arrested now, sent to Gitmo for speedy trials, followed by immediate executions! No delays, no exceptions and absolutely no mercy whatsoever!

      If we remain quiet, you know the DOJ will do absolutely nothing. The only way we can get any positive actions to stop them is if we rise up, make noise and if necessary take up arms to defend our nation against the domestic and foreign enemies who have hijacked our government!

      The same foreign enemy who attacked the USS LlBERTY, staged the 9/11/2001 attacks, Lav0n Affa!r, almost all mass sch00l sh00tings are the same enemy who released this virus. They are behind all of the evil in the world and they are planning to rule the world from Tel Aviv/Jerusalem.

  5. This is brilliant and brave in light of how the authorities have ‘cancelled’ the American ‘Frontline’ doctors who raised concern and how mainstream media and especially social media are determined to damage anyone who does not support their agenda to maintain maximum fear. The cruelty of the social distancing rules is so excessive for a virus whose mortality is so like typical flu. It is as if their plan is to keep the pandemic going until they can enforce the billion dollar vaccine and then morph that into the World wide authority of Health Passports?

  6. Covid-19 feels exactly like everything the banker class does before it starts a gigantic war.


  7. Thank you for taking action! I hope the ACU will also investigate the question that apparently many countries, i.e. politicians, hospitals, doctors received or were offered huge amounts of money to initiate and/or continue special “pandemic measures”. This especially in relation to the fact that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have been donating billions of dollars to the WHO and and other institutes/companies involved in health care, specifically including those developing vaccines against Covid 19. This foundation has also donated money to certain newspapers and other media – a mainstream media that has totally ignored its responsibility to present both sides of a picture and instead has, through continuous bombardment of horrible scenarios and by never questioning any of the measures taken has successfully upheld fear in the populations.
    Another item in this regard that desperately needs attention is the fact that so many doctors and other people of goodwill were censured for their opinion by social media. This cannot happen in a democracy. In fact, in times of crises it is absolutely necessary that people/experts come together and discuss the problem at hand in order to seek the best solution(s).
    I live in Switzerland and just recently the announcement was made that our politicians want to have babies vaccinated with a covid 19 vaccine. As if the 20 or more vaccinations these children receive in early years when their immune system is not yet fully developed was not enough to cause some kind of health havoc. And in this case the vaccine is one that influences the genetic makeup of the body. The havoc being caused by putting masks on children and forcing them to keep their distance is psychologically also very problematic.

  8. i choose not to go with this lies and nonsense and said to people they either get lost or kill me i choose they try to shame and degrade and run away when told the truth they don`t want to know at all

  9. These doctors, just like America’s Frontline Doctors are seeking an investigation into who is benefitting from shutdowns and control measures in the name of covid 19, because it is not medically warranted. Medical people such as these doctors and myself (an RN) have questioned it from the beginning. Millions of people are becoming aware of the evil being done by the unholy alliance of Google, the WHO, the CDC, the World Economic Forum, certain Ivy League Universities and too many governments around the world– all heavily influenced by the large donations of The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and other big-league globalists.They want political power and to make billions from their vaccine. It is the global socialists vs the people.
    The question is, how are we going to stop these technocrats? Pray to God with all your might against tyranny, and spiritual darkness. Then stand up for truth. There are millions more of us than there are of them. Stop listening to the MSM, refuse their “recommendations,” speak out to your legislators and others, vote, protest, educate your neighbors, and by God REFUSE their DNA/RNA-changing vaccine. Insist these perpetrators be brought to justice. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/we-call-investigations-bill-melinda-gates-foundation-medical-malpractice-crimes-against-humanity

    1. We stop them by appealing to quantum physics which has the truth. It has been proven that we are eternal electrical beings/holograms. Because atoms spin billions of times a second as energy and light, AND atoms spin as protons with positive charges and electrons with negative charges THEN we don’t catch anything that doesn’t exist. As this energy and light that we are spins, these magnificent bodies we have are being created with miles and miles of blood vessels and intestines and organs, all in complete cooperation. We are energy and light machines AND someone is creating us on purpose.
      We are NOT the lower masses that mean nothing. We are being created just like these oligarchs are being created. Everyone is equal as energy and light. No one is better than anyone else..
      You can find this information in the book Hands of Light written by the physicist Barbara Brennan. Brennan wrote in this book that we are eternal, electromagnetic, holographic, multidimensional energy and light beings.

  10. If masks work so great, why do we have to social distance?
    If social distancing works so well, why do we have to wear masks?
    If masks and social distancing is the greatest safety, then why is everything closed down?
    This is an end run for total control and we are the cattle.

    1. This video is 2 months old. And doctors have been joining up ever since. See the website of the organization. In June there were 640 signed on. There are now thousands. I know it upsets Marxists that truth spreads and has always more adherents. But no apologies here for that.

  11. Rosa Koire’s book “Behind the Green Mask” explains Agenda 21 – the UN’s plan for a World Government and A.I. Chinese style slave state for the entire planet that we (and especially our children) are now being subjected to on a mass scale via the Covid-19 hoax. Klaus Schwab, Gates, and Fauci should all be arrested immediately along with all their political enforcers in nearly every country (except Sweden)!

    1. It is also interesting to note that Dr. Fauci requested a patent for a Covid virus as far back in 1999 which is illegal for one but also tells you that this virus is not only a scan but organically manufactured.

  12. I have been teaching my students and colleagues almost the same thing from the very beginning of the global Corona-nonsense activity. All this psychoterrorism has nothing to do with either virology, or epidemiology, or social protective initiatives, or – especially – diagnosis and, finally, – statistics. Nonsense multiplied by nonsense, all serving the obvious purposes of the real global government: to destroy economies and to instil paranoia. And, like the Chairman of this conference said and many others say, there is no plague there.

  13. Regarding mask mandates:
    The COVID virus is 100 nanometers across, the spaces in between the fibers of a mask are 3000 nanometers across. Face masks are no barrier to airborne viruses. Hence the reason why scientists in virus labs wear full-seal suits. But alas, biological science is no longer relevant. And neither is truth. This begs the question then. Why are they lying and insisting on these forced mask mandates? We know that when lies are being told (to hide anything from A to Z) that the liars are trying to hide their true intentions. So then, what could be the true intentions of these global government entities with this mask charade? Let’s look at the psychological effects on people being forced to wear something on their face by their governments under penalty of law for non-compliance. I can’t think of many other things as personal as being forced to strap a mask across your face by your government. You feel that psychologically. I mean, that’s your face that they’ve legislated. It’s almost kind of like a leash. Like a dog leash. And it’s not even being put on your face by some government official against your will. They’re making you to be an obedient dog and put your own leash on everyday. You’re being trained psychologically to accept being owned by your government. Practically the entire population of the earth is being psychologically conditioned to accept authoritarian control. And I believe that’s what the whole sinister mask mandate charade is all about.

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