Resist the Scamdemic, says Dr. Petrella!


Dr. Roberto Petrella is a Gynecologist, from the Teramo, in the province of Abruzzo, Italy.

This video was uploaded moments ago to FromRome.Info Video on Youtube, but was taken down by YouTube within 1 minute. That is how much truth there is in it!

This doctor is a true doctor of medicine. Listen to him!

Here is my official protest of the take down of this video:

Here is a Radio program in Italian, where Dr. Petrella speaks of his battle to defend the poor and innocent from corrupt politicians and doctors.

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9 thoughts on “Resist the Scamdemic, says Dr. Petrella!”

  1. Grazie per questo medico coraggioso.

    Op ma 24 aug. 2020 om 22:58 schreef vERTAALBUREAU dE zILVEREN tONG :

    > You are pretty unhearable in your video. > And thank you for naming gynaecologist dr Petrella. > > > Margarita > > > Virenfrei. > > > > > Op ma 24 aug. 2020 om 21:50 schreef FromRome.Info>: > >> From Rome Editor posted: ” ” >>

  2. I know that readers already know most of this, but just in case they might find something new here, I’m posting this article from today:

  3. Dr Petrella says, “So there is this document, which I am about to read to you which not only must you disseminate 0.10: but take note of it. The media, television, politics, are never going to release what I am about to read to you. Italians, pay attention. Covid-19, means the “certificate of identification of vaccination with artificial intelligence and “19”, it is the year in which it was created. Covid-19 is not the name of the virus, pay attention, it is rather the name of the International plan for the control and reduction of populations which has been developed over the last decades and launched in 2020. What reactivates the virus, is the immune ground in which it finds itself weakened by former vaccinations. What they intend to inject inside of us is going to be the most terrible vaccines of all. It is a literally a descent into hell, with the aim of a massive depopulation of over 80% of the population. Do not take the tests: the tests are not reliable. I have always said it and will repeat myself, just like many test producers also affirm: none of the tests are able to accurately detect the Sars Cov-2 virus. They only detect an infinity of small harmless viruses or cell debris which are naturally already part of our microbiota. The people tested will increasingly appear positive in tests (about 90%). This is their goal, and this is why they started the testing process with children. On May the 11th, no television, nor newspaper, or Italian/Berlusconi broadcast announced that in France mass testing was being imposed in all schools. There were about 700 thousand tests every week. Howeer nobody unfortunately, broke this news. So, once your child gets screened, the whole family and all immediate contacts, will be forced to be screened. Pay attention Italians, listen. Do not listen to the charlatans, the ignorant, who reject the truth. I remind you, that we are not sick; We are, on the contrary, just healthy carriers of this virus. Having the virus does not necessarily mean that you are sick: you healthy and fine. But everyone will still appear, pay attention, positive in the tests. In fact, they make you repeat the tests 2 or 3 times. All facility employees, especially in the health care sector, take the tests every month. All they need to obtain is this: make everybody believe that they are sick. Being positive means being labeled as harmful. Pay attention Italians, listen to me. Refusing the detection of the virus, is the only key to avoid being vaccinated.”

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