The Covid Vaccine is a Transhumanist attack on Humanity

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14 thoughts on “The Covid Vaccine is a Transhumanist attack on Humanity”

    1. You can research all the other people speaking out around the world, like Robert Kennedy Jr. who sued the CDC for not testing vaccines in 30 years. Kennedy won. See the website: or Children’s Health

  1. Regarding the the Top Posts and Pages at the far right, that article about fluoride toxicity does not mention a judge ordering fluoridation to be stopped yet.
    “At the close of the June proceedings—during which the EPA shunned its own in-house experts in favor of testimony from unqualified “scientists-for-hire”—presiding Judge Chen chastised the EPA for applying an improper standard of fluoride neurotoxicity and urged the agency to work with the plaintiffs to figure out a solution. Following more foot-dragging from the EPA, the judge, on August 6, issued a new order that propels the still very much alive lawsuit into encouraging but largely uncharted legal territory. Specifically, Judge Chen directed plaintiffs to file a new petition with EPA that incorporates significant scientific developments that have occurred since the original petition’s filing. As for EPA, the judge has urged the agency “to give such a petition due consideration on the merits in light of the substantial scientific evidence proffered at trial”—including the powerful testimony of Philippe Grandjean, MD, PhD, Howard Hu, MD, MPH, ScD, Bruce Lanphear, MD, MPH and Kathleen Thiessen, PhD. The Court ordered the two parties to report back on November 5 and, in the meantime, is holding the trial record open.”

      1. I understand that I read something like this a long time ago that caused me to stop drinking tap water. I read that fluorosilicic acid sludge is a by product of the aluminum manufacturing process in need of being scraped out of those pipe stacks. Thanks for the reply. I also read that finding somewhere to bury that fluoro acid sludge costs a lot of money and was the initial cause of marketing it. So I imagine that corporations will appeal that judge’s decision, which might take years of arguing. Meanwhile society gets dumber/sicker, while I pretend that buying my fluoride free water is really fluoride free. AND even then, water is so full of other chemicals that can’t be filtered out……
        Hydroflurosilicic acid, also known as fluorosilicic acid and hexaflurosilicic acid, is a clear, colorless liquid that is used in a variety of industrial applications. Due to its ease of use over competing technologies, hydroflurosilic acid is commonly used in water fluoridation applications. Hydroflurosilicic acid is also used for hardening masonry and ceramics, as a metal surface treatment and cleaner, pH adjustment in industrial textile processing or laundries, and as an intermediate in the manufacturing of chemicals.

  2. What happened to the video? Was this the one of the Australian guy with the peacock, who talked about food supply chain issues, and closed the video with the clip from an Italian MD warning against the covid-vx?

    1. Here at FromRome.Info we fearture the latest cutting videos, which are often banned by Youtube within minutes, hours or days. That is why if you do not view them when we post them, you might miss them. Sorry.

      1. Understood — I’m aware of the ongoing censorship. I’m trying to find a video I watched yesterday, I think it was this one, and I am hoping you could tell me if I’m on the right track, and also if you know whether the video is perhaps available on another platform. Was this one, which has now vanished, the one with a man from Australia, etc., as I described above in my first comment? Thank you.

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