US Federal Judge orders Fluoridation of drinking water stopped in USA

For more about the ruling by the Judge, see here.

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One thought on “US Federal Judge orders Fluoridation of drinking water stopped in USA”

  1. Thank you a trillion times for finally getting this fluoride issue info to court. I read your book several years ago The Case Against Fluoride. Then I stopped drinking sources of fluoride. I eat as much organic food as possible, but what about the rain? Would fluoride be sucked up with water to go into the atmosphere to then rain back down on us? What about the watering of organic food? Is that fluoride free? I haven’t seen an organic label that mentions fluoride as being absent.
    I have no organic garden because of the absence of space, so I am worried about all the chemicals everywhere that I breathe and eat. Even the phalates in plastics that food comes in are harmful. I have lost the cartilage between my leg and hip bones. Still, in my stupidity, I eat some foods not organic trying to save money. Really, I am just giving up. I have read about Fukushima and those melting cores with radiation always streaming into the Pacific ocean. I have seen videos where Caldicott is extremely committed to exposing this radiation. I have seen the video Fukushima: The Extinction Level Event. And then there are those 5G towers talked about in the video 5G Apocalypse — the Extinction Event. I will have to look up Kennedy’s work on that.

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