Today a Blogger with 14 readers said Benedict is not the Pope

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Today FromRome.Info was cited by a blogger attempting to prove that Benedict is no longer the pope, even though he never resigned according to the norm of canon law.

He actually gets the argument nearly correct. But he dismisses it without reason.

It’s no wonder. According to the stats at FromRome.Info, he has 14 readers of his article. At least that many came through his several links to articles at FromRome.Info, which he linked to, even if he did not read himself.

The substance of his argument is that since FromRome.Info quoted the general opinions of observers during and after Benedict’s trip to Bavaria, whatever we say on anything else is untrustworthy, because you know, news is false, and the ideology that says Benedict is not the pope, despite all canonical evidence, is more real that reality itself.

I laugh. And heartily. The articles he links to his in his blog post got more than 190,000 readers here at And his article got about 14.

I would say that the Vox Populi vox Dei est. The people know what the truth is. The ideologues of Bergoglio have lost control of the narrative.

The restoration of Pope Benedict XVI and of the Papacy, after him, is close at hand.

Who is this blogger? I won’t mention him, because if I did he would get so many hits his PC in his mother’s basement might break down.

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