The Solution to the world’s problems is Crusading

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The entire Masonic Order has labored incessantly for more than 200 years to denigrate the Crusades. They did and do this for a purpose, because to triumph over humanity and enslave mankind, they must first of all DIVIDE everyone from everyone, and second, ENCOURAGE pacifism.

Unity and Militancy were never so concretely, effectively, and internationally organized than during the Catholic Crusades.

So to undermine this WORST OF ALL POSSIBLE REACTIONS to Freemasonry’s plans, the Lodge promotes:

  1. Disrupting communications between opponents.
  2. Sowing dissention among rivals.
  3. Infiltrating all organizations.
  4. Creating false oppositions.
  5. Disarming opponents very will to fight by convincing them to resist, but not counter-attack.
  6. Attacking Jesus Christ, His only true Church, and the examples of our heroic Catholic ancestors.

And yes, even if you are a protestant, if you are of European heritage, ALL YOUR ANCESTORS — if you go back far enough — were Catholics.

This is why the Ordo Militaris Catholicus is truly a work of God, because we are united, international, Catholic crusaders.

We are organized to defend persecuted Christians from all quarters, but also Christians in need.

Lebanon is such a land, and has such a need. The Catholics and Christians need our help, as there is now such a combination of destruction, hyper deflation of the local currency, political collapse and corruption, than 100s of thousands of Catholic are at risk of famine and death.

At the same time the world powers, like vultures, are hovering over Lebanon. Whether Marxist, Islamic or Masonic, Christian Lebanon has no superpowers to help her. It remains for private Christian initiatives, to come to her need.

It is for this reason, the members of the Order have pulled together and heard the cal of charity to help the Lebanese. This is a Crusade of Charity. And for those who do not understand the Crusades, this is the true sense of what it means to Crusade, to send help overseas to our fellow Christians who are suffering.

There is a lot I can do and the Order can do WITH YOUR HELP. But there is no much the Order can do without your further help.

So far nearly $14000 has been raised. I thank those who met my call to donate $1000, and those also who responded in any way they could, many with donations of $100 or more.

But the truth is that we have raised enough only to feed 40 persons for 3 months. I say this to show how little our effort it is.

I know that 10,000 or more will come to know of this article on social media. I thank the about 100 who have donated.

But that means that 9,900 of you have not yet responded in any way. And it is YOU WHO CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

To have any significant impact and to overcome the many obstacles to this mission of charity, I am asking you to help us raise $1 million dollars US.

I set this goal, because

  1. I SEE NO OTHER CATHOLIC APOSTOLATE ON SOCIAL MEDIA raising funds for Lebanon in the English speaking world.
  2. I KNOW THAT MANY OF YOU ARE RETIRED and have sufficient funds to make a donation of $100 or $1000.
  3. I KNOW THAT WITHOUT DEEDS our profession of faith is without merit before God.
  4. I know that we have many punishments due to our personal sins, which cannot be wiped away in this lifetime, without deeds of charity, heroic deeds of charity. For some of you, this means a donation of $100, $1000 or even $10000. — I remember when I  became a friar and gave away my inheritance. It was the least I could do to wipe the slate clean and begin my life again as a servant of Christ my King. If you have true and living Faith, you will see this is true and sensible. Not even heroic.

But above all, because I KNOW THE CATHOLICS OF LEBANON need our help! — So please: you who are well clothed, well fed, well housed and have money in the bank, without debts — GIVE GENEROUSLY by clicking this banner, selecting the currency in which you wish to send your help, and following the instructions you see on your cellphone, tablet, PC or MAC >>


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