Huge Rally at Berlin, yesterday, against the Scamdemic

Several reports. The controlled media are saying a few thousands, FromRome.Info has heard reports of upto 5 Million. Remember, these videos are from controlled media.

Ruptly covered the entire event live, here is a 11.5 hour long video

Here is a video by Moris San, an Italian freedom activist, who says there was 5 million. It shows a street filled with protesters to the horizon in both directions:


And here is another showing thousands protesting in the Mauritius Islands against the Corona Controls, also yesterday.


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2 thoughts on “Huge Rally at Berlin, yesterday, against the Scamdemic”

  1. If only such demonstrations for personal freedom from the political weaponization of Covid would inspire Catholics to rally against Church lockdowns and lost freedom to practice their religion. That scandal is worth our own rallies, if only we could and we would.

    The globalist billionaires, the PRC technocrats, and the CDC “experts” do not worship Christ. They sustain, with the compliance of most bishops, that Churches look like crime scenes or surgical units, that access to Mass and the sacraments be unduly restrictive and disturbingly surveilled; furthermore, “for the common good,” episcopal authorizations callously annul or further abrogate any Sunday or Holy Day obligations altogether. Soon those same leaders may demand that we produce a vaccination certificate or tattoo as prerequisite for entry into services. How is the Covid Mass even Catholic? It is not for us to be complicit with those who mock God, who defile the first Commandment, who think that eternity in the Kingdom of heaven or in the fires of Hell is merely myth and legend.

  2. This is good. The deep state’s one worry has been for us to resist. It is all in God’s hands, whether or not we can see it.

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