Looking for 10 Lawyers….

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I am looking for 10 lawyers, to help me complete the first step of a work of charity.

The Christian part of the City of Beirut was destroyed by a horrible blast on August 4th.

Ordo Militaris Inc., the humanitarian corporation from Montana, USA, of which I am the president, was the first to start a Fund to hep the victims, on August 5th. This fund is to help the CHRISTIAN victims of the explosion.

So far we have raised about $14,500 USD.

But our goal, in the first step, is to raise $25,000 USD. When that is raised I will go to Lebanon in person to organize a humanitarian organization, staff it, and see that the work of assistance begins.

But I need the help of 10 lawyers.

I ask each of these to donate $1000 to the fund, so I can read the goal this week. This is not much. (I who as a Franciscan brother have nothing, have donated this much.)*

Perhaps you have not heard, but the vast majority of the victims are all Christians. Christian Beirut has been destroyed. Christians, therefore, need to come to the fore to help out.

I ask, therefore, the help of 10 lawyers. Please click this colorful banner to make a donation.

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY GIVEN, thank you! — Please share this article with your colleagues in law and ask them to help. I am asking for 10 lawyers to help, but as the goal is to raise $1 million for humanitarian aide, the more lawyers the merrier!


* In Beirut I have already found a lawyer who will donate pro bono his work to help me in all my legal affairs regarding founding the organization in Lebanon.

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