US Government admits that 94% of Corona Deaths Stats were faked

The news was reported via this tweet

But Twitter byteburned that Tweet 5 seconds after it appeared, for violating community standards. — It did not, it merely retweeted a news article!

But my browser Cache captured it, here is a screen shot:

Look at how many RTs and Favs, it was going viral as I saw it, then Twitter erased it completely…

So here is the information, by other means…


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One thought on “US Government admits that 94% of Corona Deaths Stats were faked”

  1. Anyone remember the movie, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World”? Of course it was a comedy back then. Today, not so much. Twitter took down the CDC report about 94% of “Covid” deaths being falsified. Schwab assures the EU and the world that the pandemic will go on and on. The bishops continue to extend exemptions from going to Mass and masquerade protocols two or three more months. Dems promise national mask mandates, contact tracing, and mandatory vaccines anyway. Francis’ Pachamama presides over an empty, silent, sanitized Vatican.

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