German Police beat Woman without mask nearly to death

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According to reports in the German press, this woman was not wearing a Medical Mask during the recent Rally at Berlin against the Covid Scamdemic.

The police seized her, and because of her resistance, began to unleash the most violent behavior against her, resulting in a dislocated shoulder.

Dr. Bodo Schiffman reports that whereas she was initially reported to have died of a myocardial infarction after the assault, he says that she did not die but upon being brought to the hospital refused treatment and went home.

It is both disturbing that this should happen for not wearing a mask which could never protect you even from a real pandemic, let alone a scamdemic, but also that reports of death should be followed up with a report which leaves it uncertain whether she is alive or whether her death was cleverly covered up.

If you have more information about his woman, please contact FromRome.Info.

The excess of violence is clearly “required” by a police who have no rational reason to enforce an unjust law.

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  1. Notice that Policeman 15201 has his mask covering his chin. Was this woman one of the organizers? Otherwise, why go after her?

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