Father Miceli and “The Antichrist”

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One thought on “Father Miceli and “The Antichrist””

  1. Very interesting commentary, thank you both,
    Three points I’d like to make regarding (1) the word “resist” (2) “the power of the sign” (3) great definitions of the Antichrist in the early Church.
    1) Yes, the term “resist” that Christians hear so much about is actually, wishy-washy advice that doesn’t make much sense when all around us we see that “the day is too far spent.” The root verb in Latin “resisto” means I withstand (something or some one), I stand still, I stand back, (maybe even by extension) I stand down. In the literal sense, simply to “resist” evil nowadays is hardly enough, maybe even a sin of “omission” when active members of the Church Militant need to be levied and deployed. God wants us to fight for Him and with Him (cf. the saints described below, all keenly aware of the AntiChrist, by the way)

    2) While Christians know about the power of the sign of the Cross, the scapular, the rosary, the Miraculous Medal, beware of AntiChrist copycats inventing their own signs of power: masks, thermometers, GMOs.

    3) The martyr St. Paul described Antichrist as one “who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or religion; he sits in the temple of God, affirming that he is God.” Yet we are assured that the spirit of the Lord will consume and destroy the wicked one and those “whose coming is after the working of Satan, with all power, and signs, and lying wonders, and with all deceptions of unrighteousness.”

    The martyr St. Polycarp warned that everyone who preached false doctrine was an AntiChrist.

    The martyr Apologist Origen wrote: “…There exist among men two extremes– the one of virtue, and the other its opposite. The perfection of virtue dwells in the person who realizes the ideal given in Jesus, from whom flowed to the human race so great a conversion, and healing, and amelioration. The antithesis is the son of the wicked demon Satan who embodies the notion of him that is named Antichrist… . Evil is specially characterized by its diffusion, and attains its greatest height when it simulates the appearance of the good: for that reason, signs, and marvels, and lying miracles are found to accompany evil, through the cooperation of its father, the devil.”

    St. Jerome warned: “He that is not of Christ is of the AntiChrist…. Suppose him to be one of the human race in whom Satan will wholly take up his residence in bodily form.” Jerome, like Paul, thought Antichrist would sit in God’s Temple and make “himself out to be like God.”

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