We are now 6 months into the suspension of public Sacrifice

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Saint John the Apostle warned us that in the days of the Antichrist, the public sacrifice would be suspended for 2 years, 1 year and a half of a year.

As of September 8, 2020, here at Rome, public Sacrifice has been suspended for 6 months.

This is because the Churches were ordered shut by the godless Apostate in the Vatican, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, whom fools, heretics and schismatics still call the Roman Pontiff, pretending as do all the wicked adulterers, that you can belong to the Church without Faith and unity with the Vicar of Christ, who holds the munus, Pope Benedict.

Even in May, when the Government allowed the Churches to reopen they imposed a heretical apostate liturgy, in which you must wear a sign of the religion of the Antichrist: the medical mask, so as to attend as an unbeliever in the Resurrection and thus share in the guilt of a Satanic affront to the Divine Majesty, by declaring the Son of God impotent and a myth which science does away with.

The Catholic Mass is still said in secret, by a few priests in communion with Pope Benedict XVI. I count it my greatest blessing to have been able to attend 1 time in the last 6 months. At such masses there is no requirement for masks, gloves or social distancing, for all believe that Christ the Risen One is present in truth.

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5 thoughts on “We are now 6 months into the suspension of public Sacrifice”

  1. If only Catholics still sitting “on the fence” would read Paragraph Four over and over until they “get it”!
    What ought to be so clear by now is that “medical” masks for everyday use are not medical at all. They are a sign of obeissance and allegiance to particular political (and papal) “experts” believed to speak for and take the place of God.
    I used to describe the VirusMass Churches as made to look like crime scenes or emergency rooms. But couldn’t we also make comparisons with pagan voodoo ceremonies, i.e. homogenous and quasi-hypnotized tribespersons in their fetish masks and costumes, calling upon the bestializing spirits of nature, fearful, ambivalent, equivocal. One primal feature is the tatooed voodoo doll, an effigy which the Shamaan covers with stick pins and offers as fetish sacrifice in exchange for (evil) powers. Who hasn’t heard the rumors that soon a Covid vaccination certificate will be mandatory for work, for travel, for worship?

  2. Don’t worry, brother. You have not missed out on any real masses anywhere else around the world. Most places are either still shut down or open, but offering the satanic virus-masses which come with all sorts of absolutely abominable protocols and changes that offend the Divine Majesty and demonstrate the complete loss of faith and reason, in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ. Anyone who has the heart and gall to continue attending the virus masses, are fooling themselves, because if they’ve tolerated THIS much of Bergoglio’s satanic mind control, they’ll tolerate any other dose that comes on the future and follow the antichrist that Bergoglio tells them to follow. They won’t even realize it when it comes upon them. Others will abandon their catholic faith out of total despair. May the Lord help true

    1. Yes. It’s as if the Vatican Voodoo Church is the only game in town these days. At the heart of the ceremonies we find hapless, hexed voodoo dolls, images of the macabre and grotesque, made ready to be stabbed with needles and further desacralized by Shamaans in lab coats and cassocks.

  3. I have been going to mass, but I have refused the wearing of a mask, however, I do not feel comfortable anymore, many doubts come to my mind regarding the Holy Eucharist, I wonder, how will I know if I’m still receiving His Soul and Divinity?
    I don’t know if this is temptation?
    Or God speaking to my conscience?
    We have no other option for Sunday Mass!
    Please help me understand.

    1. If you are not obliged to wear the mask, then the priest and fellow catholics are merely weak of will and discernment, not heretical of mind. But that you are allowed not to wear a mask is very rare, count it as a blessing.

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