Fr. Nolan banned from Internet by FSSP at request of Archdiocese

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6 thoughts on “Fr. Nolan banned from Internet by FSSP at request of Archdiocese”

  1. More censorship. True colors are being exposed through, or without, simple masks. Perhaps a brave parishioner can record and post Fr. Nolan’s words?

  2. Feast of St Nicholas of Tolentine
    10th Sept., A. D. MMXX

    Fr Nolan is of course completely correct. Forget the U. S. bishops; but perhaps the reaction of his own ‘traditional’ FSSP should be sobering. Fr. Nolan knows, all too sadly, to expect ZERO support from his superiors and brothers at the FSSP, who are at the mercy of the clerical Homosexual Network Strangling the Church, a/k/a the Francis Network. To what tradition are his brothers loyal, if not Christ first. And Christ is Truth.

    No one’s got his back in today’s Church political landscape…. Not a problem for a former Marine.

    I’d like to hear Fr. Nolan speak the truth on the subject of the false pope, Francis, which is at root the same subject of the Mask Tyranny.

    The primary reason for the Mask, for the bishops’ gutless public stance on the Mask and illegal imposition of the Mask upon the liturgy, and why corona mass hysteria infected the Church in the first place and is still with us, in the greater society, is Francis. This is because the Church folded to the State on corona, on direct orders from Antipope Francis.

    Francis first freely set the weak bishops tumbling like dominoes, in Italy, then in the United States, then everywhere else. Thus the Antipope knocked down the Church as bulwark against the State; and even invited the State to dictate to the Church how the Church could worship. Such dictates conveniently coincided with Francis’s own aims of killing the Sacraments (Cf. Amoralis Laetitia and the Amazonian ‘Synod’) and of mowing down the few Faithful who still bothered to go to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, now down what 60%(?) or more from already pathetic numbers of mostly octogenarians. (No offense intended, some of my best friends are octogenarians–P. S. It’s called rhetoric and irony).

    Please recognize that the actions of the false pope are all in perfect accord with Antipope Francis’s main goal: destroying the Church and thus leading as many souls as possible into Hell (which doesn’t exist of course, on his own false testimony–cf. Sclafari).

    Anno Domini 2020: Not a bad year’s work so far for Satan’s Minion. I submit we can turn it around, however, if we trust in Our Lady of Fatima, and follow her admonitions especially having recourse to the Most Holy Rosary, a final remedy in these end-times. (I invite your attention to the real Sr. Lucia’s final testament in 1957, published in 1958 from an interview w/ Fr. Augustin Fuentes, Postulator for the Cause of Ss. Jacinta and Francisco, available in full here: ).

    Only the Immaculate Heart will crush the Serpent’s head, and rout the Bergolian mafia and drive them from the field, and out of the sacred precincts of Holy Mother Church.

    In corde Christi,

    C. P. Benischek

  3. An Archbishop or Archdiocese does not have jurisdiction over what priests can post on social media or not. The FSSP is STUPID for allowing this without putting up a fight. It’s no wonder they are losing Catholics in droves to the SSPX. So sad…what a shame!

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