One thought on “Sept 13: St. Chrysostom, To preach the truth with charity requires Clarity”

  1. I’m having problems getting the video to play. I hope the FSSP leadership doesn’t take it down. My family and I prayed for him during our Rosary last night. Brother Bugnolo, I faced all of this in the 80’s at two different seminaries and several dioceses. I fought everyday with the formation team and Modernist faculty. In the end, the formation team expelled me from the seminary for not agreeing with their heretical teaching. I left just six months prior to ordination to deacon. I am also a survivor of priest sexual abuse. Thanks to God’s good graces and counseling, I am now a “father” with a wife of 16 years, and a wonderful son!

    We need more priests and bishops like Father Altman- not less.

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