1739 Belgian Medical Professionals denounce the Scamdemic

The news is contained in the links here, first to the news story, and then within the news story to the online Petition and Letter:


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4 thoughts on “1739 Belgian Medical Professionals denounce the Scamdemic”

  1. The middle & upper classes are seriously fighting against the Corruption.  These are the people that we need.  Lets hope they will be successful in this country too..

  2. Brother B, at the beginning of the Scamdemic you had posted about China possibly releasing an engineered virus…do you still believe that position? Would love to hear your thoughts on that specifically.

    1. I subsequently published reports that 33% of Italians had acquired herd immunity to Covid 19 as early as October, 2019, before the so called Pandemic broke out in China. My present opinion is that Covid 19 does not exist. What we are seeing is a normal winter coronavirus infection, like happens every year, just a new strain, the mortality to which has been exacerbated by deliberte interventions of the WHO and Gates allies to spike deaths in the elderly and justify a lockdown, so as to fulfil the Rockefeller 2010 lock step protocols.

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