St. Peter’s Chaldean Church, California, vandalized by Soros funded BLM

The reports are out there, but it’s the video which show how vile this attack was:

[wpvideo VThmQ4f9]

Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization which has received millions of dollars from George Soros as part of the Rockefeller Bilderberger plan to spark social unrest. The cause is not Black on White Racism, the cause is the Masonic Lodges attempt to crush Christianity by weaponizing every dissent group they can.

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4 thoughts on “St. Peter’s Chaldean Church, California, vandalized by Soros funded BLM”

  1. A bit of curious if not devious trivia:
    The real name of the Soros family was Schwartz (meaning black). The name had been changed for politico-religious reasons. Could BLM then be a sort of pun plugging in plain sight the minions of Soros and Soros himself?

      1. I resent that unnecessary and ignorant aspersion of “Jews!” I am one myself, and I grew up happily in a VERY Catholic neighborhood – and we all got on like the proverbial “house on fire!”

      2. My comment has nothing to do with aspersion, it is simply a cultural observation. I am a cultural anthropologist, and I will also observe, that of all ethnic groups, the Jews more than any other are wont to think that they are being persecuted when others simply remark as to their objective habits of behavior.

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