Catholic Youth who offered life for Pope Benedict XVI

Carlo Acutis died in 2006, but his body looks like he is sleeping. He is the first saint in communion with Pope Benedict XVI!

After the exposition, the Diocese admitted that it had reconstructed the flesh of Carlo with silicone and that all that is present in the tomb are his bones. The exposition, therefore, contained a good amount of apparent fraud against Catholics who expect only the incorrupt to be exposed for veneration in such a manner.

Alas, another fraud of the Bergoglian Church. But let us hope the holiness of this young man intercedes for the clergy involved so as to save their souls.

Thus, note: this is NOT the body of Carlo. It is a silicon replica. His bones are in the tomb, perhaps in a chest hidden under this mannequin.

Read his biography here.

Watch his tomb, officially opened for public veneration:

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    1. He is being beatified not canonized. Canonizations can be done by any Bishop, so long as the Bishop approves. In which diocese his cause was begun is not known, however.

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