At Rome, the Governor wants everyone muzzled 24/7

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

October 3, 2020: The governor of Rome wants everyone to wear a diaper on his face 24/7. His decree was published last night and went into effect at Midnight. But, thanks be to God, it had little effect!

For those who do not know: Italy is divided into administrative territories know as Regions. The territory for Rome is found in the Region known as Lazio. Each Region is governed over by a president elected by the people who serves for 5 years. The current occupant is Nicola Zingaretti, who is also the National Secretary of the Democratic Party here in Italy.

Zingaretti is not only a Marxist dictator who thinks he has the authority to impose a medical treatment upon everyone in the Region, including Rome — thus devastating the little tourist activity that had managed to return — he is also an idiot who — THANKS BE TO GOD — does not know how to write a decree.

For in his decree for “Health and Social-Sanitary Integration”, he orders the obligation to wear the mask. But he never says where to wear the mask.

It has already become the fashion among men to wear it on the elbow. Many wear it around the throat. I have even seen some wear it on the knee!

The obligation to wear the mask is a totalitarian measure designed to terrify and kill.  Zingaretti wants everyone to wear the mask who is outside in the open air or inside some public building. This means he wants to suffocate to death all the poor who live on the street in the next day or so, because you cannot wear the mask 24/7.

He does exempt children under 8 years of age — HOW KIND! — but it seems that it has rather to do with the obsession of the Left here in Italy to traffic in children as has happened in several notable events in recent years: for you cannot traffic in them if they are dead.

In addition, he orders all the Pharmacies to stock up as many doses of the Vaccine — WHICH STILL DOES NOT EXIST — as there are persons in Lazio. He evidently has no idea of how much storage room that would require.

Like the decree of the Minister of Health, which went into effect in Mid August, however, the people are ignoring it. Just after midnight, more than 1000 university students gathers in one quarter of Rome in open defiance, non with the mask on.

Zingaretti has indeed a problem: he has only a few hundred Regional police to police more then 5 million possible rebels. And here at Rome, the Mayor, who is of another allied political party, The Five Star Movement, is up for re-election and wants to win. If she enforces this decree of Zingaretti, that seems quite unlikely. So Zingaretti’s attempt to become a dominator-demon in hell seems stalled for now.

I for my part have begun to greet everyone I see with a mask with the preaching of the truth:  The mask will do you harm! It is a sign of Tyranny! Take it off! Live free!

As I walked back to my residence last night, a long haired Spainard, who seemed to be sleeping on the side walk, returned my greeting:  Viva la libertà!

Here is a link to Zingaretti’s Ordinance, in PDF.

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7 thoughts on “At Rome, the Governor wants everyone muzzled 24/7”

  1. I love the tactics! Great work Italians! Lots of people here ignoring social distancing too. We are not believers in if and are also sick of it. It is making us unwell; poor mental health. We know we need to connnect, touch, hug. So now we just do, regardless.
    Thanks The poor souls in Victoria do not fare well though. Premier Daniel Andrews hates them as much as Pell!

  2. Although I’m probably preaching to the choir, as they say, I wanted to repost this scientific summary which totally countermands the rampant “biological mysticism” (cf. Jon Rappoport) in the world today:
    ” Surgical masks filter incoming air, but since they are designed for sterile environments, they quickly become clogged in normal outdoor environments. Consequently, they must be changed or thrown out every 20-30 minutes in a non-sterile environment. And if you happen to come in contact with pathogens, the particles just become trapped in the mask, and the mask becomes little more than a portable virus dispenser. Every time you take one off and put one on you transfer whatever is on the mask to your face. You are breathing in pathogens from everywhere you’ve been.

    ” The cloth masks, homemade or not, are the worst. Cloth masks do not filter anything, going out or coming in. As you breathe out all you are doing is trapping carbon dioxide in your mask, which is the one thing cloth masks are actually good at. So by wearing one, you are endangering your health more than you are protecting it. The moisture from your breath is caught in these masks and can become mildew-ridden overnight. You may wind up with mask-induced dry coughing, allergies and a sore throat from the micro-mold in your mask. [Ironically these are the mild symptoms of Covid].

    “Conclusion: “No RCT study with verified outcome shows a benefit for HCW or community members in households to wearing a mask or respirator. There is no such study. There are no exceptions. Likewise, no study exists that shows a benefit from a broad policy to wear masks in public…. All of this to say that: if anything gets through (and it always does, irrespective of the mask), then you are going to be infected. Masks cannot possibly work. It is not surprising, therefore, that no bias-free study has ever found a benefit from wearing a mask or respirator in this application.”

  3. While on the subject (and I know you have addressed this some time ago), please explain again why enforced mask wearing at Mass is a form of sacrilege, and why therefore we should not feel guilt for refusing to attend under those circumstances. What’s so horrible is that the Mass mask mandate seems to be going on indefinitely, thanks to our autocratic bishops. Should we therefore be prepared to “fast” from Mass and Holy Communion indefinitely, and it’s all right with God that we do so?

    1. There is no obligation to go to a heretical or sacriligeous mass. There is no spiritual need to attend mass if you are in the state of grace and dedicate all your meritorious works to God in union with His Passion, and avoid mortal sin. The only obligation to attend mass arises from the Church’s application of the obligation of the Lord’s Day to the occurence, when it happens, to the Holy Sacrifice offered by a Catholic priest, in communion with the Roman Pontiff, in a rite which is approved and without heresy, sacrilege or other grave immorality or risk to life person or property. So you can see the obligation of Mass, only on Sunday, is actually one which is very limited. Even when you are sick, you are not obliged, and when the weather is bad and you have no means of arriving safely or departing safely or you would risk losing your health. So in the case of the Mask since to wear it at mass is a sacrilege against the House of the good Good, and to insist on it is an act of apostasy against the Risen One, a Catholic certainly cannot attend, when this is an obligation enforced by anyone in the Church building at the time. Not to mention when the mass is offered in communion with an antipope, heretic and apostate and freemason. So wake up and slap yourself back into reality, please, and break from your bad habit of wanting to go to Mass when you want to and not when God wants you to.

  4. Thank you, brother.
    Going forward in this wilderness, we will need much spiritual guidance from good, trustworthy Crusaders like yourself.

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