The Scamdemic is a crime against humanity — Let’s sue them back to hell!

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2 thoughts on “The Scamdemic is a crime against humanity — Let’s sue them back to hell!”

  1. Jon Rappoport ( just posted his article on “What the political “Left” is planning for the US and the world.” Here are some excerpts:
    “… I’m not only talking about Democrats, I’m talking about anyone who believes in bigger than big government. Such people think, or pretend to think, they’ve just discovered there are many other people who need help and protection as if this is a new fact, a new occurrence in the history of the planet. .. “We” must step up and provide that help, from the top down, no matter the cost, no matter how, no matter the sacrifice.
    If a room can hold four people, it will now hold ten, even if there isn’t enough air for ten people. We will somehow invent air.

    “We will create a new money system, or go deeper into debt on the old one. We will make a state that already has $250 billion in unfunded liabilities into a state that is three trillion in the hole—because it doesn’t matter, because money is endless, because the help and protection these other people need… will somehow be accomplished…Even if it can’t be and even if the attempt creates chaos for everyone.

    “With that delusional proposition in hand, an overall top-down PLAN will be devised to help and protect everyone all at once. When some of the dust clears on this psychotic scheme, it’s apparent that the help and the protection for those who need it was just an elite cover story to justify Increasing power at the top and putting in place a plan to dominate and control the population…and propaganda and protests and riots in support of the plan…In the end, all the protection and help really amount to ironclad control of everyone…. No matter how the con is explained or rationalized or justified. No matter who is spouting the “rigorous science,” know you are looking at this con…”

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