Pope Benedict XVI against the World

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There have been moments in the history of the Church in which, if the Roman Pontiff has merely added the letter “i” to a single word, when writing it, the history of the world would have changed.

But Christ did not permit him to do so, even if all the powers of the world insisted otherwise.

I speak of the Arian crisis, when the Arian heretics, who denied that the Son existed Eternally as the equal of the Father in all things, except paternity, insisted that He be said to be “like the father” (homoiosious), but Catholics insisted that the Son is of the same nature as the Father (homousious).

As much pressure as was put on the Apostolic See, the popes never failed to affirm the faith, though at Sirmium one Pope, whose name deserves never to be mentioned, signed a document saying Catholics and Arians should tolerate each other’s manner of speaking.

Pope Benedict XVI is like these faithful Roman Pontiffs of old. Because as much as the St. Gallen Mafia, insisted, and pressured him through Deutsch Bank, by shutting down all payments to the Vatican, to resign, so instead of saying, “I renounce the munus I received”, he said and wrote, “I renounce the ministerium I received”.

And with that he defeated all the enemies of Christ, whether he understood what he was doing or not, whether he with full knowledge and deliberation did what he did or not. The fact remains that he never resigned.

Everything after that is a theatrical act, that is to say, the entire pontificate of Bergoglio is deprived of legality. This is not an opinion, it is the very logical and juridical necessity of the words he used on Feb. 11, 2013,

And in this way, Pope Benedict XVI stood and stands against the world. Christ’s promise to preserve the Church from the Gates of Hell has been proven once again. But only those with the eyes of faith can see it.

Let us encourage men to believe in Jesus Christ, who promised us these things, saying: Whatsoever you bind on earth, shall be bound in Heaven, and let us remind every Catholic that just as Pope Boniface VIII declared it necessary to the salvation of every man that he submit to the Roman Pontiff, so every Catholic is bound under pain of eternal damnation and mortal sin to judge as invalid the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI according to the norm of Canon 332 §2, which is only one of the many things which the Popes by legislating have “bound on earth”, and which by Christ’s promise are now “bound in Heaven”.

Let us remind all, that what is bound in Heaven is unshakable, eternal, invincible and superior in power than all the forces of this world. And thus let us encourage all to build their house on the Rock of Peter, upon which alone it can survive the present storm of storms.

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  1. May the Sacred of of Jesus & the Immaculate Heart of Mary continue to protect our one true pope, Benedict XVI, from all these evil men. God love him!!

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