Gestapo of the New World Order arrest Br. Bugnolo today

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

ROME, ITALY (October 17, 2020): Today was the most glorious day for me during the Scamdemic, because I was arrested by the gestapo of the New World Order.

My crime was distributing this leaflet in the sight of the Italian State Police, at Piazza del Popolo, today at about 4:30 PM.

This is the first leaflet for the new Catholic party in Italy (, which was founded on Friday. It explains what the party promises to do, in a very few bullet points.

The name of the Party is “Italy for Italians”.

The first line of the checkboxes here reads in English: We promise an end to the controls for the Pandemic.

Someone who disagreed with the pamphlet went and denounced me to the State Police who had been watching me peacefully for about 2 hours or more.

When they arrived, they asked me where was my mask. I asked them why they asked. They said there was a decree from the Prime Minister which requires that I wear it at all times outdoors. I said how can the Prime Minister demand such a thing. They said there is a state of emergency. I said, but the Constitution of the Italian Republic says that the Prime Minister can only declare a state of emergency in time of war on Italian soil.  Therefore all these controls for the Pandemic are unconstitutional.

They did not know what to say.

One said that the Constitution is from 1948 and the Prime Minister’s decree is from last week, and therefore the latter is more in force! Another said that the Constitution says no such thing — I repoved him for lying to my face. Then the same man, who seemed to be the leader of the Gestapo, said that it does not matter what the Constitution says, because his word is a law higher than the constitution!

We talked for a while, while I gave them a lesson in Italian law. Then the leader admitted there is no military war in Italy right now. At that point the plainclothesman stopped filming us, because the leader had just destroyed his entire legal case.

I warned them all that if they arrest me that I will file a criminal charge against them all for violating my liberty of free speech, my liberty of religion, my liberty of political expression, and my liberty of free movement.

The man who arrested me, Andrea Valeri, began to shake at my repeated legal threats. The leader called two other state police from another station so that they would arrest me, and thus conceal the identities of the ones who initiated the violation of my 4 constitutional rights.

They dragged me away, and I gave no resistance. And they took me to the Distretto I Police Station near the Piazza S. Marco, at the center of Rome. There, they had 5 men lift me out of the car, and drag me into a police room for interrogation and to be booked, as we say in English. That is, charged.

I told them that inasmuch as they were violating my constitutional rights, they were to me not the police but criminals and thus I refused all cooperation. They dropped me on the floor and one of them took one of my sandals which had fallen off my foot and assaulted me with it by throwing it violently at me. I said, “Oh this is how you treat me. Can I not sit on the bench like a human being?”, and the one who had just assaulted me said, “You are not a human being, so No!”

I was then made to sit on the dirty cold floor for 2 hours. It took them that long to write a 4 page report and charge me with I do not now what. Finally they allowed me to go to a bathroom which had no toilet paper or way to wipe ones hands dry after washing them without any soap.

When the presented me with the papers which charged me they asked me to sign, and I replied: “In your bathroom there is no toilet paper, now you have some!”

Before I left, I reminded them, that as the Patron of the State Police in Italy is Saint Michael the Archangel, that since they had just committed terrible mortal sins of injustice and false accusations against me, that Saint Michael will now have to punish them for their sins. I promise to pray that the Archangel be merciful to those who have children, so that the little ones not lose a dad who supports them.

As I left, they said goodbye, and I replied, “You are now my enemies”. These may sound like harsh words, but in the face of men who have so closed themselves to the truth as to abuse their great responsibility and kidnap citizens for preaching civil liberty and religious liberty, there is no other word that fits.

REMEMBER! They have no power over us but fear. We need only to NOT fear, therefore, to break their psychological control over the masses. I have done my little part, it is now for you to do yours!

I look forward to being arrested another 1000 times, if liberty can only come at such a cost.

+ + +

About an hour before I was arrested, a YouTuber interviewed me for his channel, Italia s’addestra.

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31 thoughts on “Gestapo of the New World Order arrest Br. Bugnolo today”

  1. Brother Alexis, I pray for you every day for God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit to protect you and give you courage and wisdom.

  2. I do not wear a mask. When I go into a store I tell myself, “Be brave.” The county judge has just put us back into lockdown. I now travel to the next county to do any shopping. I never thought that the delusion would be in the form of a false pandemic face mask. Jesus said that the devil will wear out the saints.

      1. Yes, you’re absolutely right. Early this summer I bought a pistol, a Ruger rifle and a Smith & Wesson AR 15. Joined a military- police-style range and know how to use them…. also have a concealed carry permit.

  3. 21 October will be the f anniversary of our first meeting in Rome for the conference on Pope Benedict. Looking forward to the next one… maybe in prison? 🙂 I will try to remember to bring toilet paper.
    God bless.

    1. Thanks. Please pray for me. There is a great battle ahead of all of us. — And these police are pigs, because they live without toilet paper, as they themselves told me.

  4. God bless you, Brother. As devout Roman Catholics we will soon be following your example when the mandatory “vaccine” arrives. We have to look forward to arrest, imprisonment, torture and finally martyrdom. For to cooperate with the Antichrist and his NWO is the same as denying Jesus Christ. Something we simply can not do even upon pain of death. Ave Maria.

    1. Thank you. We must all now chose to rebell against the NWO, they are coming for us. If we do not fight now while we have liberty, they will come for us all in the night, one by one and kill us. I have seen the face of Satan, and I pledge myself to defeating him, knowing that Jesus Christ has my back!

  5. Whoa!! Proud of you, Brother! Thank you for showing how real Catholic men should behave in the face of evil! 🤓

  6. “Quo vadis, Domine?”
    “Romam vado iterum crucifigi”

    As history is repeating itself, we are with you in truth and in spirit, Fra Bugnolo.

  7. I’m one of the Italians who received the leaftlets you were distributing at Piazza del Popolo.
    When I saw you at first glance I recognized a kindly hearted person with compassion and humiility. Those policemen were blinded by their own ego to not see wha I saw. Or maybe their brutal attirude was driven by having seen in you the qualities what they have lost.
    I’m ashamed of my country, my people, and the police state that my government has established.
    Thank you, for everything you are doing.
    Apologies for my english.
    Che Dio ti benedica.

    1. Grazie tanto signore. Non dica che quelli che hanno fatto a me sono Italiani, no, sono servi dei globalismo, un complotto dei stranieri.

  8. Admiring your courage from the states. Remember, you’re in good company: St. Peter was arrested and executed; St. Paul was arrested, jailed and later executed; Jesus was arrested and executed. In the Old Testament Daniel was jailed, as was Joseph in Egypt. All of them faced false charges by the ruling government. The planned-demic is forcing all the fascists out of their ratholes in the states as well. I was rudely kicked off a tour bus at the Grand Canyon for wearing my mask below my nose. And people have been arrested in the states for not wearing masks outdoors. Time for freedom-loving people to end this tyranny by the ruling elites to control and manipulate us through fear.

    1. No I do not. As I have never owned, possessed, used or even touched a gun, I do not know the first things about them. You should speak with a lawyer who is an expert in gun rights in your country to answer a question like this.

  9. I live in Texas, I respect the laws, but when it comes to the mask I only wear it when it is required by individual businesses, “my place my rules”, but I do not follow the law as it refers to the public space. We are forced to civil disobedience.

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