Foreigner shuts down U.S. Corporation dedicated to the Defense of persecuted Christians

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In 2016, Mr. A. J. Baalman and myself — acting on the inspiration received from the courageous testimony of Father Jacques Hamel, who was murdered by Jihadis during mass in N. France just a month earlier — founded Ordo Militaris Inc., a U.S. NGO dedicated to the defense of Christians persecuted by terrorists. For the last 4 years I have been the President of the Corporation, taking no salary. Mr. Baalman has worked tirelessly thousands of hours for free. We have done all to protect and promote the security of persecuted Christians. Having donated more than $20,000 to their causes.

But no sooner the corporation was founded, for years ago that FaceBook banned our promotional accounts, and in the last 4 years, numerous other companies have sought to distrupt or stop Ordo Militaris Inc. from its legal operation.

One Bank in 2017 attempted to steal the entire monetary assets of the corporation. Twitter banned numerous members of the public who promoted the Corporate activities. Paypal deplatformed the Company in June, and Stripe deplatformed the Company today.

The email correspondence from Stripe shows that it originated in a country where the author was not a native speaker of English.

In the course of the converstion, Stripe claimed 3 different things. Hear about this ultimate persecution by listening to the program below. The corporation’s existence is in doubt, since it can no longer raise funds by any electronic sales or internet transactions, as there exists no major payment gateway which will accept such a business as a client.

The real reason, of course is bigotry. Learn how deep is the hatred of against such an NGO as Ordo Militaris Inc:

Watch the program on Ordo Militaris Radio TV‘s YouTube channel:

Read more about this topic on the page for this program on Ordo Militaris Radio TV‘s website:

Or listen to the program on Ordo Militaris Radio TV‘s MIXCloud channel:

Or watch the program on Ordo Militaris Radio TV‘s BITChute channel:


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One thought on “Foreigner shuts down U.S. Corporation dedicated to the Defense of persecuted Christians”

  1. This worldwide technocracy is designed to establish a one world order, seamlessly managed by technical systems that filter out Christians and Christian organizations. This reminds me of a vision that Fr. Leonardo Arboleda, CJM shared with me in September of 2008 in which he saw christian families living in caves in remote areas of the world, because they did not accept the micropchip implant and did not accept to worship the Antichrist.

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