Polish Police attack Catholic priest in Monastery


OCTOBER 19, 2020: A Polish priest, P. Michał Woźnicki SDB , wass denounced by the congregation to which he belongs. While he was in the Chapel-Cell of the Priest, in the Salesian House of the Church of N. M. P. Help of Christians at Poznań in ul. Wroniecka 9, the police arrived yesterday Sunday, October 19, 2020 to take him and an assistant away.

This priest usually prays after the Holy Mass with the faithful that the Salesian priests will restore the Holy Mass. In Wszech Czasów to the church in Wroniecka 9.

Since 2016, this struggle of Fr. Michał Woźnicki, SDB for the restoration of the Holy Mass in the Roman Rite in the Salesian Church at ul. Wroniecka 9 in Poznań. They support the struggle by participating in the Holy Mass and the prayer of the faithful. Woe betide Don Bosco if he raises his head!

Father Michał Woźnicki, SDB, twice in 2019 (September 6 and November 22) and once in 2020 (February 26, the hearing scheduled for April 29 was cancelled due to the alleged pandemic), appeared before the Civil Court of Poznań, sued by the Salesian House in Wroniecka.

The Salesian Priests, before the Civil Court, demanded that the Priest be evicted from the apartment where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is celebrated in his Chapel-Cell.

Didn’t the Blessed Virgin in Akita warn us of what was coming?

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8 thoughts on “Polish Police attack Catholic priest in Monastery”

  1. How quick they are to remove the pious from their midst, one wonders why these orders were not as fast removing paedaphiles.

  2. You should mention the current standing of Fr. Woźnicki. He is a suspended priest since 2018, and he is not a Salesian father for two years. Moreover, he is living in the Salesian House against the law. Policemen asked him to show ID, but he refused. So they took him to the Police Dept.

    1. He is a Salesian priest. He was suspended because he says the TLM mass, and expelled from his community. But since that was unjust he justly remained in his monastery. So his Order called the police to remove him, to bring their persecution of him to an infernal climax, for which they shall surly pay in eternity.

  3. Most Venerable Brother Alexis, I’d like to say that Most Venerable Father Michał celebrated the Holy Mass yesterday and the police or rather the SS henchmen invaded his place again. Today Father has started to celebrate the 40-hour expiation prayers and henchmen have come back again. They started their raid on the 19th of October, exactly 36 years after Most Venerable Father Jerzy Popiełuszko was kidnapped by the communist Security Service henchmen and given to be tortured by the Polish- and Russian-speaking military communist henchmen and was murdered most probably on the 25th of October 1984. The truth about the murder of Father Jerzy is not actually known, because it will blow up the whole political system of Poland.

  4. Prist Michal Woznicki’s fight with the modernist luciferian church. He wants to return the Old Tradition Holly Mass back to the Churches in Poland and all over the World. His fight is for all of us, irrespective You understand his fight or not. Got bless This Prist Michal Woznicki.

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