Use simple logic, if you want to remain Catholic!

Christ promised every successor of St. Peter, that which He promised Peter, when He declared: I have prayed for you Simon, that your faith never fail.

But this man from Argentina has failed utterly in the faith.

Therefore, he is not a Succesor of St. Peter, because otherwise Christ would have been either a liar or impotent.

But Christ would never refuse a new man to be Pope, unless the old man still held the office of Pope.

Therefore, Benedict XVI by some canonical error remains Pope.*

Therefore, Bergoglio never was the pope, and all Catholcis must break from communion with him.



* Spoiler alert: Benedict on Feb. 11, 2013 renounced ministry, but Canon 332, section 2 says a Pope must renounce munus.

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5 thoughts on “Use simple logic, if you want to remain Catholic!”

  1. That’s the beauty of Latin: “dead” languages can’t be manipulated to mean something different!

    1. I have no need to reply, because contra factum argumentum non est. If he disagrees with me, he must prove that either all of them were usurpers, or that the Synod was invalid and that the Church errs in holding Clement II as a true pope. He has no argument with me, even if he wants to make it an ad hominem.

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