LifeSite News and Gloria.TV viciously attack Pope Benedict XVI

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As a member of the Church of Rome, I cannot be silent in the face of vile attacks upon my Bishop, Pope Benedict XVI, the Vicar of Christ and Successor of St. Peter.

Two habitually and continually dishonest websites, run by individuals who have actively censored from their platforms discussion of the invalidity of Benedict’s renunciation, recently jumped to throw the most vile accusations against the true Holy Father, and this without a shred of evidence.

Gloria.TV repeats the attacks of Life Site News’ article by Maike Hickson, a notorous dogger of truth about Canon 332 and whose husband is a US Intelligence operative.

Hickson’s article amounts to saying, that because those involved secretly in psychological abuse knew Benedict, he is guilty.

To this one can reply directly:

But what boggles the mind, how both websites work to create an accusation with such labor, but refuse the slightest effort to open the Code of Canon Law and read Canon 332!

After seven years of dodging the truth, Life Site News and Gloria.TV need to be publicly questioned as to their motivation.



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6 thoughts on “LifeSite News and Gloria.TV viciously attack Pope Benedict XVI”

  1. As I told you months ago, Brother, Lifesite News banned me from the site because I referred to abortion as “the murder of an unborn child” because it might cause people to be “upset”… so this new development does not surprise me. The battle lines between good and evil are becoming clearer by the day.

  2. Same here Catholicus. LifeSite banned me as well. I wrote them to ask why. No response. I wouldn’t let it go. I wrote every day, politely asking. After about a week I finally got a response. They said they banned me because I said something bad about the “Pope” (Bergoglio). This was in 2014 or 2015. I asked them to tell me what it was I said. He responded that he had reviewed my posts and could not find anything and so he would re-instate my posting privileges.

    I told him I didn’t ask to be re-instated. I just wanted him to admit that he banned me for no reason.

    As far as GloriaTV; that site tanked a long time ago.

    The only time I go to either one of those sites is if the aggregators bring me there.

  3. Is the group in question responsible for the break up of M. Hickson’s
    husband’s former marriage and family of 8 children, or was that never a valid marriage?
    I have no doubts that there can be invalid papal resignations, but I do not feel that an invalid papal resignation is necessary to find that the man called Pope Francis is not a valid Pope when there is so much glaring evidence to the contrary. I do believe that Brother Bugnolo and others have presented strong evidence for Pope Benedict’s invalid resignation.
    I have also been banned from commenting on the Life Site
    News web-sight for many years, in spite of having my comments voted as “top comment’ several times. I attempted several times to be re-instated…but the ban continues.

  4. The key to understanding what’s going on is Hickson’s marriage into the intelligence community — she’s an asset of a very cult-like secret society. Here’s a good account of how that world works:

    As David Wemhoff has cogently reveals, post-war Germany was ground zero of a very intense exercise in psychological warfare. Hickson, being an intelligence shill, would never provide that context to her story. The German church was in the grip of powerful forces that would have been very skillfully concealed from the prelature. Read here what young Ratzinger would have been up against in Bavaria:

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