More on the Violent Protest in the Piazza dei Fiori at Rome, today


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One thought on “More on the Violent Protest in the Piazza dei Fiori at Rome, today”

  1. TWO COMMENTS: One can see these are legitimate protestors, not the rioters the communists/fascists running much of the US (and most of the world) have sent out into our cities. And, second the police will always, with very few exceptions, side with and obey those who pay them and are in power as in Italy even where the complaints are both very serious and absolutely legitimate and also in “demoncrat” US cities where the rioters are even destroying entire neighborhoods! Police here either stand down or quit the force. So only if the entire evil demonic power structure now in control of most nations is overthrown the police cannot be relied upon. This tells us that this is a deeply rooted pervasive spiritual problem in society in general where the love of money and immediate personal self interest dominates over genuine love for neighbor .

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