How the Lodge manipulates Christians

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The express purpose of the Masonic Lodge is threefold: first, to destroy Christendom; second to restore the paganism of the ancient world; third, to prepare this word to adore the Antichrist.

To achieve this goal the Lodge has long studied and practiced the arts of deceit and manipulation.

To lie is to manipulate intellectually. Because to lie is to use what appears to be truth to lead someone to do what is not in accord with truth. And manipulation is to use some external means to cause an individual to do that which they would  not otherwise do.

To manipulate those who have compassion for the poor, they invented Marxism. Marx was, if you read your history, financed and supported by Engels, who was an English Freemason.

To manipulate those who see the need for defense against foreign threats, they invented nationalism.

Each concept is something good divorced from God and Christ.

And thus it is with everything they touch.

If you love the Most Holy Trinity you will always find the propositions of Freemasonry cold and sterile, because they lack God. But if you give lip service to God, then you will find a Masonic world made in the image and likeness of your own decrepit heart.

And when the Lodge cannot bring down a faithful Catholic, they try to get him to compromise on some principle which will bring him down on his own.

This is why only those with a fervent faith, hope and charity for God and neighbor can withstand the Lodge.

The nobility did not, for they preferred power to God, and by becoming Freemasons lost both.

The merchant class did not, for they preferred wealth to God, and by becoming Freemasons became slaves enriching the Lodge alone.

The Lodge established democracies to give the illusion that the citizen can save himself by voting. But only those approved by the Lodge are candidates and only Christ can truly save your Nation. So liberal democracies deceive nearly all, either by voting or not voting. For they inspire either false hope or false despair.

And so on.

Finally, the masses of Catholics have been conquered by the Lodge because they accepted the error of not refusing communion with heretics and apostates and of allowing the Masons tell them what words mean, when to believe and not to believe, and to tolerate their own men in power over the Church.

Those taught directly or indirectly manipulated by the Lodge today have a Masonic Pope, Bergoglio, to lead them to Hell and into every vice they may want.

The Catholic, however, who is fervent in the Catholic Faith, in hope and charity for God, sees that Pope Benedict XVI is still the pope and shall be so until death, unless he renounces the petrine munus.

The Church can never be conquered by the Lodge. And the history of the world in the next few years shall demonstrate it.

Deus Vult! God wills it so.

But God also wills that we take the initiative in restoring the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and Catholic States on Earth. If we simply demand that God do everything, they we are like the servants who buried our one talent in the ground, and then blamed God that it did not grow!

You see! For the Lodge to triumph, it does not require that you join it. It only seeks that you remain inert, a Christian who does not serve Jesus Christ in all things.  That is why they are so patient and unrelenting in seeking world domination.

And this is also why they always take baby steps toward their goals, because the fear the power of Christians, if they be stirred to action.

For this reason, the Lodge has every emphasized the control of the centers of information and narrative control, to keep us sleeping and unaware. And this is why Catholics who continue to preach that all is well or that nothing can be done, are the best of all servants of the Lodge.

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5 thoughts on “How the Lodge manipulates Christians”

  1. Concise and clear! Thank you Brother.
    I would state that praying the Rosary, being close to the BVM, and spending time before Our Blessed Lord in the Eucharist will steer good souls away from the filth that world has descended into and chaos to come.
    Vivat Christus Rex!

  2. “So liberal democracies deceive nearly all, either by voting or not voting. For they inspire either false hope or false despair.”
    What a superb quote, one for the ages, one for the days and months ahead as Satan spreads his poison, i.e. the latter temptation.

  3. Reblogged this on RemnantDisciplesJtM and commented:
    This all about deceit and manipulation. Christians today are experiencing the biggest deceit in History, This applies to worldly, as well as spiritual things.
    This year we have seen things we never thought we would see – our economies, our freedoms, the Church being dictated to, paganism in the Vatican. More importantly, during the last 7 years we have heard many, many strange ideas that are contrary to the faith, yet coming from the person who sits on the Chair of Peter! This article explains the aims of ‘The Lodge”, and how these are being achieved by directly targetting Christ and His Church. We can’t fall asleep, we must “Stay awake” as Jesus commanded us.

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