Br. Bugnolo files criminal complaint against Italian State Police

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

On Friday, my attorneys filed a criminal complaint or Querela against certain members of the Italian Police, for criminal abuse of my person on October 17, last.

On that day, I was distributing this handout to recruit members of the new Catholic political party, which is called, Italy for Italians! (L’Italia per gli Italiani):

We are a party which is 100% prolife and wants to reduce taxation for the middle and lower classes while ending the Scamdemic and seeing that the notions of family and marriage are not manipulated by politics. I am the current President of the party.

Here is a video taken of me about an hour before the event in which my liberty was abused by the State Police:

Subsequently, I was accosted by men claiming to be members of the State Police, whom I told most clearly that if they violated my constitutional rights, would be subjected to a criminal complaint and possible legal action for the next few years.

They did not listen to me.

But I am a man of my word, as they will shortly bitterly learn. My complaint was filed with the Procura della Repubblica n. 21671 on Nov. 13, 2020.

The Procurator or District AG now must decide to investigate the complaint or file it away as non actionable. My attorney,  Francesco Giresini is an expert in penal law and believes I have a solid case.

I with to thank my many friends — whom I cannot name so as to not put them under threats by others — for helping me obtain legal counsel.

This event has not scared me in the least. My hope ever day, as I go out without observing any of the Scamdemic controls, is that I get arrested again. I would be my dream to have legal grounds to file criminal complaints against all who serve tyranny and fraud. This is part of my vocation as a Franciscan Brother and a disciple of Christ, because every time such men are denounced and charged, others will think twice before they consider similar offenses against innocent citizens, who cannot find legal defense for free.

Therefore, I ask everyone to pray for me that I have the grace of God to stand firm and to be arrested as frequently as possible!

3 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo files criminal complaint against Italian State Police”

  1. I hope you succeed in suing them to oblivion (for the sake of Justice, Rule of Law and Order) —- St. Alexis of Rome, St. Thomas More, St. Ivo of Kermartin, intercede for Br. Alexis and the cause to build the Catholic Party of Rome!

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