4 thoughts on “David Icke: Because it is a Script, the Masses are beginning to see it”

  1. It called Denial ,….you can’t wake someone who is pretending to be asleep ….see Corbett Report.

    Absolutely spot on but missed the most significant deception of all ……

    Our Pope is Benedict and the other man is a figment of someone’s imagination – a delusion – leading Catholics and the world into mass Apostasy –

    Pray for the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI

    No faithful Catholic should even think about or mention the of the false shepherd ! God Save Us

      1. Icke has publicly ridiculed Christianity and especially Catholicism. I have heard say a number of times that Christianity is the main reason people “fail to see the truth”… For me, it certainly taints everything he says, even the things that seem to be true. I suspect his “great awakening” experience in South America those many decades ago was in fact a demonic experience.

      2. You may be correct, but the fact that such a man joins with us in outing the scamdemic corroborates our testimony on the same to all the world.

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