Exposing the Masonic Lodge’s long game to stay in power

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Pope St. Pius X instructed Catholics to never be ashamed in ripping the masks off the enemies of Christ and His Church. For this reason, Saint Maximilian Kolbe founded the Militia Immaculatae in 1917 with the goal of destroying the Masonic Lodge, primarily through seeking the conversion of Freemasons through the most potent intercession of the Immaculate Virgin.

Having become a Son of St. Francis under the tutelage of Friars who were devoted disciples of St. Maximilian, this goal has always been close to my heart.

And so for that reason, I want to share with you an exposé of Masonic strategy, to show you how they remain in power, even when the people rebel.

Like any merely human organization, the Masonic Lodge can never be certain of victory in any endeavor. And thus, their chief goal is not to achieve victory in any endeavor. Rather, they strive to remain in control of all primary actors in any human even of great significance or of which could pose a threat to their control.

Thus, whether the endeavor they are sponsoring arrives at the end they planned, or not, they remain in control. This control is necessary so that they can perpetrate more crimes against humanity, which is ever their goal.

The Masonic Lodge is a satanic organization ruled at the top by a psycopatic cabal of megalomaniacial sadists. They actually take pleasure in planning the murder, terrorism and sexual abuse and perversion of billions of souls. This is their chief joy and desire. Nothing else matters. And so they worship at the altar of power before all others.

This is why they are detatched, unlike the ideologue, who insists that his goals be reached. Unlike an ideologue, they care more to remain in power than to achieve anything in particular.

Yet, though their malign and diabolic sect is hard to uncover and discern among public actors, this long term goal and strategy of the Lodge makes their agents easy to spot.

I call this kind of Masonic Agent, the johnny-come-lately opportunist.

“Johnny come lately” is an expression in American English which refers to the person who espouses a cause long after it was obviously the right one. Such a person is normally seen as a sluggard, but often he is simply a person who wants to espouse a cause only when it will garner him human praise. He is the man who arrives on the battle field only after the victory is certain.

The Masonic Lodge’s long game to remain always in power uses this kind of individual. When a Masonic project is not going the way expected, or of the Lodge beforehand fears or expects opposition to it, they create and place on the chess board of human history false friends of the people: individuals who at the right moment will espouse the cause of the people and appear as their saviors.

Employing such false opposition, the Lodge maintains control of the masses who do not bother to take notice.

But false opposition and especially of the Johnny come lately kind can be recognized in this: that the powers which be will tolerate and promote his opposition. He will be allowed to succeed where all the enemies of the Lodge have failed.

However, a Johnny come lately agent will never really be the friend of the people. He will propose a salvation or solution which keeps the people under the thumb of the Masonic Lodge or even more addicted to Masonic control.

We can recognize a Johnny come lately tactic being used in the Scamdemic. When the Scamdemic broke they were silent, but now after 6 months they are coming out of the wood work to decry that it is a trick of the Globalists. The only thing is, they want you to accept as legitimate men who are clearly not members of the Church, such as Bergoglio, and want to transfer your desire for salvation from the Church of Christ to some political leader who is anointed by the Lodge.

Beware of the Johnny come lately. He will be a Mason and thus even in his words and thoughts, as expressed, you will detect that he deviates from the Catholic Faith. He will fault the Church, not Church leaders. He will befriend everyone, but insist that they serve him, rather he they. He will promote the concept that Jews can be saved without Christ, or unbelievers without the Church. He will want you to see a political leader, who is the member of a Lodge, as infallible and impeccable, the true suffering servant of the people. Someone, who however does not give a bleep about Christ or the people.

If you have paid attention to these principles you will have a very important tool of discernment for the rest of your life, to recognize who are the false opposition and how the Lodge milks the discontent of the people to keep them in slavery.

I close with the prayer written by St. Maximilian Kolbe, but which has been nearly erased from the historical record by the agents of the Lodge in the Church. In it we pray for the conversion of sinners, and thus for true victory. For it is Her immaculate foot which shall crush the serpents head!

O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee and for all those who do not have recourse to Thee, especially the Freemasons!

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7 thoughts on “Exposing the Masonic Lodge’s long game to stay in power”

  1. Exactly. Boris Johnson who acknowledged preparing statements both for and against Brexit fits the “Johnny come lately” controlled opposition to a tee. He is driving the will of the people into the corral of international Freemasonry as we speak.

  2. Anne Catherine Emmerich noted that Jesus wrote in the dirt something that angered the Scribes and Pharisees. They went away and began to plot his death. What Jesus wrote were their secret symbols know only to them. Jesus had to deal with free-masonic like men in his day.

  3. History proves that societies have routinely justified and implemented moral madness with clever theories and practices to rationalize radical social reconstruction. George Orwell in his dystopian novel 1984 illustrates a collective policy of cognitive dissonance and “doublethink” (normalizing and accepting contradictory beliefs) used to insure an obedient populace who believe that ignorance is strength, war is peace, slavery is freedom, and subscribe to the “2+2=5” theory. But erasing the line between right and wrong turns an entire culture into a cacophonous asylum. Ubiquitous mask mandates make our world look like one big emergency room. Now seeming to have inherited (aka usurped) the Earth are the Wrathful and the Sullen, who personify the ugly monsters in Dante’s 5th Circle of Hell, gnashing, fighting, and screeching in the slimy, steaming Styx, River of Hatred.

    Our Lady of La Sallette commands: “Go, and show yourselves as my dear children; I am with you and in you, provided that your faith be the light which enlightens you in these days of woe. May your zeal [be] for the glory and honor of Jesus Christ. Fight, children of light, you the small number who can see; for behold the time of times, the end of ends.”

  4. The saddest part in all this is that a great portion of humanity has accepted the masonic solutions to the masonic crises like Vigano?

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