Agenda 21: the plan for Globalist world domination

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2 thoughts on “Agenda 21: the plan for Globalist world domination”

  1. Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Kalergi Plan, NWO, EU, UN…etc, etc. It all reeks of the Rise of the Antichrist. Make no mistake, his #1 target is the Blessed Sacrament. He must destroy it, or access to it, before he can achieve his goal of total world domination. He knows its power and its Saving Grace. Any person, or any institution, that stands in his way will be subject to the vilest, most violent attack – spiritual and physical. However, we must stand in his way…

    1. Great comment.
      As Catholic, I do not expect to hear that from the current pope, or bishop or clergy at least not only inform us but at the same to warn us.

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