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  1. The Deep State did have control of the Republican party when the country clubbers had control. Trump has eased them out.

    1. …Country clubbers? The GOP is populated at the highest levels by Freemasonic Globalists. (Trump constantly flashes Freemason signs) The American Two-Party system is nothing more than a rubber stamp for the NWO, and has been since its inception. We have been living purely on the grace of God in America, but now, this Nation has turned its back on God, still allows the murder of the innocent in the womb and has embraced every form of perversion and iniquity. In other words, we will get what we deserve, the saints will suffer with the sinners….

  2. May God Bless you Brother Alexis Bugnolo, for those extempore words were surely DIVINELY INSPIRED. Please, readers of this blog, realise that this is a spiritual battle. Do you have Freemasons in your family or amongst your ancestors? Please understand that you can counter their malign influence by using prayers formulated by the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church to neutralise and renounce their power to operate within and between the generations. At the start of the scamdemic I discovered that my paternal great-grandfather was a Master Mason (I had a hunch and followed it up on I used the prayers of renunciation provided by Father Zuhlsdorf see here, said with the assistance and blessing of a priest:

    If you knew me very well, you would understand how the evil oaths taken by these Luciferians’ manifests in each generation between the oath-taker and oneself – unto the fourth generation I believe, so it was fitting that I as great grandson should make the renunciation. Since renunciation, the graces that Our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ bestoweth have become more easily apparent to me day, by day. So do it, it is not a small thing, since as you all know, God counts the hairs on our heads and knows our value relative to many sparrows! Viva Christo Rey! Ave Maria gratia plena!

    1. Hi Mark, Thank you so much for posting the link to the prayer of release! I want to pass it to my family but want to be accurate where it came from. You state the Church, and then mention Father Zuhlsdorf. All 13 pages can be attributed to__________? Thank you!

      Viva Christo Rey! Ave Maria gratia plena!


    2. Having read the entire Freemasonry-Renunciation at the link Mark shared with us, I found it very good, but would love to hear Catholic theologians comment on it.

      I thought it was written by the “One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church” mentioned in the post. But looking up the links at the end of the renunciation prayer, it was evidently written by Dr. Selwin Stevens.

      The prayer is not written by the Catholic Church and Dr. Stevens doesn’t appear to be Catholic, but nonetheless he seems to be a dedicated Christian trying to help people with deliverance from demonic oppression and “generational curses.”

  3. Yes, Satan has so very many right where he wants them, i.e. immobilized, disheartened, destabilized, isolated and against the ropes. Perhaps it’s the perfect time to recall Christ’s classic confrontation with the devil in the desert. Though feeling weak, tired, and lonely after a long fast, Jesus would not turn stones to bread. He would not perform magic acts at the Temple. He would not kneel before Satan in return for all the kingdoms of the world: “I will give you all their authority and splendor.” What we now see in real time is the Anti-Christ, almost everywhere personified, who establishes Evil as “the Common Good,” who mocks and desecrates the Catholic Church, who ostentatiously worships the Prince of this World “so it will all be yours.”
    Albeit a very dour and dire analysis of our time, like you, Brother, we have to walk by what we know in our hearts to be true. We have to walk by Faith, and not by what we see. God is Truth; God is Goodness and Beauty. We have no duty to live a lie or obey any law based upon a lie. We need to practice the Theological virtues as long as we possibly can. We take heart in knowing that, with each turn of the planet and Christmas we celebrate, we draw nearer to the “fullness of time” and happiest ending and the greatest conclusion ever written. The salvation that Jesus inaugurated in the Church at His first coming will then be consummated for all the world to see.

    1. Thank you, Catherine, for sharing this link. The opinion of the SSPX is the same as what the Church teaches. My family and I have totally disagreed with the Church in approving vaccines made using aborted baby cell lines. No way do we accept such vaccines! (we are even beginning to doubt all vaccines due to more recent scientific research on the human immune system and virus theory vs terrain theory)

      The argument to use such vaccines produced from using aborted baby cell lines is that it was so long ago that now it’s okay. What kind of logic is that? Was it wrong then? New fetal lines are being used. Is that wrong now? I cannot believe the Church has caved in to using aborted baby cell lines for vaccine manufacture. It’s for the greater good, you know.

      Many mainline Christian denominations say the same thing. They’ve caved in, I believe, mostly for fear of disease as well as being mocked as being stupid and ignorant Christians who hate science.

      Well, then, love and bow to science, and not God.

      May God help us to do right in His eyes.

  4. We have an important information leaflet called “COVID-19 THE ROADMAP”. It summarises the real COVID agenda and the attack on humanity and human freedom. You can see it here:
    We have it translated it into English, French and Chinese. We would appreciate if you could translate it into Italian so that we can make an Italian version available also. These leaflets can be freely shared, downloaded from and printed locally to help spread awareness of what is really going. If you are too busy, that is understood. Perhaps you can recommend someone else who could provide an accurate translation?
    God bless

  5. re: Covid 1- THE ROADMAP“ Yes, as far as Satan is concerned, all roads lead to hell.
    In these end times, it’s quite possible that the evil one is attempting a final, global replication of his initial stupendous victory over our first two parents in the garden of Eden. The snake has morphed into a dragon, the primeval apple morphed and multiplied into star-studded nanochips in its tail.
    Let’s not fall for the deception and false flags. We have no duty to live a lie or obey any law based upon a lie. Even though many Churches are closing, the Blessed Sacrament is profaned by paranoid protocols, and clerics are complicit, the Gospel, the Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the Theological virtues provide all the GPS and grace we need now as we go it alone on the final stretch to heaven.
    “For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” (Matthew 7:13-14)

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