Lee James Rigby, murdered by Terrorists or assassinated by MI5 op?

An introduction, to today’s program from OMC Radio TV, by Br. Bugnolo

The anti-terrorism of MI5 was tasked 2 weeks ago with harassing anyone on line who doubted the Scamdemic. But the public should be asking questions about the role of MI5 in the promotion of terrorism in the UK.

First, a question for your consideration, to which no answer is presently given, but which serves to open a deeper line of investigation that one which is found in newspapers:


And, with that pondered over for some moments, let us turn our attention to a specific case, which is the topic of today’s program at Ordo Militaris Radio TV, which presents the evidence and incongruences of the narrative spun after the attack. Click this tweet to watch on Youtube, Bitchute or listen on Mix Cloud.


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2 thoughts on “Lee James Rigby, murdered by Terrorists or assassinated by MI5 op?”

  1. I haven’t seen the report yet but I do remember it and it was very odd. I remember Jim Stone looked at the photos, some had blood in them, some didn’t. It sounds classic MI5. The other atrocity I think they carried out is the murder of Jo Cox, the Labour MP, during the run-up to the Brexit vote. The establishment were scared that the Leave campaign would win, so they needed a distraction. There are any number of other MPs who should have been killed which renders the death of this lady as bizarre. Needless to say the people of Britain still voted Leave against the full might of the political parties, the media, the banks, Big Business, Obama, the EU etc.

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