Quiescence as a principle of political discernment

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


One of the greatest treasures of human thought is to be found in the writings of the great Scholastic thinkers of the Middle Ages. Among whom the greatest is without doubt St. Bonaventure, for handing down the wisdom of the Ages.

One term used among his writings is “quiescence”. Quiescence is the state in which something grows quiet in the presence of something else. It is not a word you hear in English, now a days, though it does exist. But it is an important fact to be noted in the discernment of political networks.

The general principle is this: you know that group A is controlled by group B or group B’s superior’s, when group A grows quiet in the face of an objectionable action of group B.

Quiescence is a sign of 1) infiltration, 2) corruption, 3) intimidation, 4) negligence, 5) false opposition.

We saw quiescence on a massive scale when a man whose father was never a US Citizen was appointed president of the United States of American in 2008 and 2012.  The US constitution requires that Presidents only be someone born on US soil of 2 US citizens.  That being the case every political organization in the United States and every association of Lawyers should have objected, vociferously. But they all accepted it silently.

This quiescence showed that the United States of America is not a democracy, but a political theatre controlled by the political class, who consider themselves the law and the Constitution a piece of toilet paper to serve them and be thrown away.

U.S. citizens are in shock over the massive election fraud in their country in the recent Election, and they put hope in the fact that the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution will win the day for Donald Trump.

But have they forgotten 2008 and 2012? And have they even read the U. S. Constitution? Kamala Harris was also not born on U. S. soil, but there was not even a blip of objection against her nomination as a Vice-Presidential candidate, an office the holder of which is constitutionally required to have the same eligibility as the U.S. President, since the holder can succeed to that office.

We saw the massive quiescence of the Cardinals and Bishops to the anomalies surrounding what the MSM alleged to be the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the public confessions of the participants in the vote rigging campaign in the apparent Conclave of 2013.  Hardly a blip of objection. Near total quiescence. Bishop Gracida of Texas was the only one who has held out for neigh 8 years, with the honesty and grace to say there was something gravely wrong in both and each should be investigated.

The near total quiescence of the U.S. political machine to gross election fraud is the sign by which Christians in the USA and abroad should recognize the hand of the Masonic Lodges, which want you to consent and assent to the fact that They govern you, not your elected officials, and especially not even officials elected by you! This is the next stage of progress they want to lead us to, that the Lodges alone rule, Democracy is merely window dressing to an Antichristic Absolutionist Tyranny.

If you close your eyes to quiescence, then you are choosing to live in a make believe world where propaganda is truth and actions are fiction. You have rejected Jesus Christ, Who teaches us to pay attention to these things, saying, “Do not judge them by their words, but by their deeds”!

Christians, true to that name, will be faithful to Jesus Christ in all his teachings, especially ones like that which I just cited, which are the very source and principles of discernment.

And let us be humble, confess our sins and change our lives, less our appeals against the damnation we merit find quiescence before the Throne of the Divine Majesty. For we shall be judged how we discern things in this world, and whether we have served Jesus Christ or grown quiescent before the Masonic New World Order.

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3 thoughts on “Quiescence as a principle of political discernment”

  1. Quiescence has to be a cousin of the deadly sin of Sloth, which has been depicted in Medieval allegory as a Snail buried at the bottom of the human heart. Unlike the roaring lion (Wrath) or the screeching peacock (Pride) or the hissing snake (Envy), for example, the Snail is mute, soft, sad, slow. Idle of body and dull of mind, it does not hear or see. It hides in stupor in its shell and serves as Satan’s consummate footstool.
    In Milton’s Paradise Lost, we read of the final temptation to destruction when Belial speaks to the fallen angels in Pandemonium: “ ‘May humans be cursed with shallowness, carelessness, lassitude…May they be content with mediocrity and indifference to right and wrong.’ Thus Belial with words clothed in reason’s garb counseled ignoble ease and sloth, not peace.”
    The malice of Sloth, according to St.Thomas Aquinas, is not merely self-neglect or cowardly neglect of duty, but dissolution, a spiritual suicide. “Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder,” wrote the historian Aldous Huxley. FYI, it is reported that opioids, social media, and high stress account for the highest rate of suicides since World War II.
    H.G.Wells in The Time Machine described a future generation of “Eloi,” idle, infantile, zombie-like creatures wandering in communities of decayed buildings. They are in fact a clueless “herd of livestock” nocturnally cannibalized by the technocrats and engineers working secretly in a deep state underground. Cognitive Sloth, said George Orwell, is what tyrants depend on, more than anything else, for their very existence and power.

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