Twitter declares FromRome.Info a dangerous site!

This is calumny of the first order:

If anyone knows French and English please leave a translation in the comments, OR if you have seen the same notice please screen capture it and notify the editor of FromRome.Info.

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10 thoughts on “Twitter declares FromRome.Info a dangerous site!”

  1. Warning: this link may be dangerous

    The link you are trying to access has been identified by Twitter or our partners as potentially undesirable or unsafe in accordance with Twitter’s URL Policy. This link could fall into one of the categories below:

    – malicious links that could steal personal information or damage electronic devices
    – unwanted links that mislead users or disrupt their experience
    – violent or misleading content that could result in actual damage
    certain categories of content that, if posted directly on Twitter, constitute a violation of the Twitter Rules

  2. (just embellishing the 2nd and 3rd categories, if I may)
    -unwelcome sites which lead users into error or interfere with their convictions/perceptions
    -false or violent topics/subjects which could cause real harm/disruption
    N.B.: Brother just explained how and why all this is happening in his recent peripatetic “red pill” episode on the Via Merulana.
    May Our Lady of Perpetual Help pray for us and with us!

  3. Sufficiently vague so as to create maximum alarm. Equating malware with unspecified “unacceptable” opinion is particularly clever.

  4. These dim-twit wannabe lucifers are losing the battle so badly (because the world won’t accept their lies), they only embarrass theselves in how they censor the good people to such extremes. Hahahaha stupid twitterrrrr!

      1. This site is run by Abdon Solutions LLC, which appears to be owned by a Keith Jones, who is described as a videographer ( Caution that site has porno ads) and seems to be associated with the Geocentrists. At SP3M, which may be a trade marked name in Poland — watchout — the user policy seems to say that your personal data will be willingly handed over to foreign companies and law enforcement agencies ( I have never seen such a public statement in a privacy policy page. I can only say that to use the site with caution, and that you should not use a social media company which does not promise to keep your data in the country in which it is incorporated and located.

      2. Also Abdon in the name of the holding company, seems to indicate that the principal behind this website is a Cohen, a levite, and that therefore they chose St. Max as the Catholic symbol of the site because he offered his life to save a Jew, which to some jews might be thought to mean that Judaism is to be served by Catholicism.

  5. Howdy. All I did was copy the French from what-looks-like-a-screen-capture onto NotePad; it was rough: I didn’t scan for typos, but here’s the rough translation using


    La lien auquel vous essayez d’acceder a ete identifie par Twitter ou nos partenaires comme  etant potentiellement indesirable ou non securise, conformement a la Politique en matiere  d”URL de Twitter. Ce lien pourrait appartenir a l’une des categories ci-apres :

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