US and UK turn Cyber-Warfare units against Scamdemic critics

This article has many informative comments to it (click tweet to go to article), and which is one by a Michael, a US Military veteran:

As an American serviceman stationed in the middle east, I learned first hand how America creates terrorists – the very efforts we say comprise our war on terrorism are so egregious as to create the very thing we say we seek to destroy. The people of those countries feel they have no choice. Terrorism is their “Hail Mary” for oppression that appears to be winning.

So now we see what appears to be our own countries weaponizing propaganda against us. Using labels like ANTI_VAXXER to target not only the war against drug companies but the millions of mothers with vaccine-injured children – they’re saying “SUCK IT UP – SO YOUR CHILD WAS DAMAGED – WE DON’T WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU – JUST SHUT UP YOU ANTI-VAXXER” and so we see the’s in clear sight…and the odds are over-whelming – the money, the elite, and all the people who don’t have time to listen to science but only to listen to fake weaponized science and then conclude they’re doing the right thing and smashing the infidels is justified.

When you weaponize propaganda you jump off the cliff and automate suppression and oppression. You leave the population no choice but to rebel and those who believe there is no hope take up terrorism – it’s the logical reaction to no hope – you create more of what you seek to destroy – what you resist persists – after 2000 years it’s amazing we haven’t become more enlightened than this.

The writing is on the wall for America – we won’t see it in our time but “THE TERMINATOR” is the movie that best illustrates our future.

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