The Mass is now banned in the West, like it is in China

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5 thoughts on “The Mass is now banned in the West, like it is in China”

  1. Br. Alexis,

    Blessings to you. I cannot linger share your articles on Twitter. They have banned them. We are already living in a communist-controlled world.

    In God’s love,


  2. “… threatened with fines—even jail time—for opening his church…”
    Yes, sounds like the USSR of yesteryear. Let us beware the hell of Communism!
    Decades before Karl Marx was writing his Manifesto, he was writing about hell itself: “Thus Heaven I’ve forfeited, I know it full well, My soul, once true to God, is chosen for Hell.”
    In Paradise Lost, John Milton describes denizens of Hell, abode of the Father of Lies, incarcerated in shadow, woe, despair, and phantasmagoria “all lit by the flame of darkness.” For the damned and the doomed, forever distanced from God, fire exists without light and the gloom is corporeal. Hell is not only physical but also psychological. Satan brags that “ Whichever way I fly is Hell; I myself am Hell.” He fortifies his wicked minions by remarking: ”What we cannot gain from hope we will get through audacity, resolution, relentlessness…until one day Earth and Hell will look the same.”
    As an example, John-Paul Sartre in his No Exit presents three characters who are morally and physically dead. They sit socially distanced and locked down in a comfortable room somewhere and torment one another with lies, humiliations, rebukes, recriminations. As one of the characters says, “Death’s already done, don’t you see? We’ll always be right here, waking and watching each other, trapped in a jail of our own making.” The theme is reduced to this famous line, “L’Enfer c’est les autres” (Hell is other people), by which Sartre means that we too are “dead without a coffin” when we depend upon and are determined by what others think and say. To refuse to accept the responsibilities of freedom in our lives is to choose a living “hell.”

  3. The deep state is now meeting the deep church! What happens when they meet? Come quickly Lord Jesus ! All we can do is pray harder and sacrifice more of our state in life … if that is all we have to give to Mary. Pray for an increase of Faith Hope Charity. Deep Hope that was infused into our souls at Baptism. The going is rough so maybe it’s almost over.

  4. Professor Albert Drexel (1889-1977) held three doctor degrees as an Austrian scientist of philology and ethnology. Born in Hohenems in the Austrian province of Voralbert, Austria, he was the third of five brothers, who were also priests. He was ordained in 1914.
    In 1932, he had a private audience with Pope Pius XI. He taught as professor in the Vatican University for Missions and was later used as an expert in racial questions at the Vatican. Professor Drexel had friendly relations with the former Italian head of state, Alcide De Gasperi, and with the Austrian Chancellor, Engelbert Dollfuss, who was killed by the Nazis. He celebrated only the Tridentine Mass.
    Professor Drexel died on March 9, 1977, and is buried beside his priest brother in Batschuns, Austria. Professor Drexel’s book, “Faith is Greater than Obedience,” containing revelations given to him by Our Lord from 1970 to 1977, has been published in the English language.Available to download at this link,

  5. When McCarrick went to China to broker the yearly payment of 2 Billion, we have to know that China wanted something substantial in return. You don’t promise that much money just because. They needed for the Vatican to stop interfering with their work to subdue the Chinese Catholics. Done. “And, oh by the way, we need to have more say in other things too.” What if Xi and his pals asked for interference in the rest of Catholicism at the same time? What if that is the reason why Frankie and his pals did nothing to make sure our Masses remained in tact – because Xi asked for it?

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