Andrea Romano: Those who disagree with the Vaccination program must be silenced!

Summary in English: There will be a massive organized program of vaccination throughout Italy, using the civil protection and the army. All will have to submit to the program. There will not be any ideological debate. We will use more than 1 vaccine, Pfizer and others. He says we must not allow any leeway for failure.

“But it will be even more important to fight against the anti-Vaccine party.” “Those who are opposed to vaccines must be shut up. Do not even give them the right to speak!”

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  1. Sunday November 29 2020, 12.01am, The Sunday Times Army spies to take on antivax militants The army has mobilised an elite “information warfare” unit renowned for assisting operations against al-Qaeda and the Taliban to counter online propaganda against vaccines, as Britain prepares to deliver its first injections within days. The defence cultural specialist unit was launched in Afghanistan in 2010 and belongs to the army’s 77th Brigade. The secretive unit has often worked side-by-side with psychological operations teams. Leaked documents reveal that its soldiers are already monitoring cyberspace for Covid-19 content and analysing how British citizens are being targeted online. It is also gathering evidence of vaccine disinformation from hostile states, including Russia, Next month the 77th Brigade will begin an “uplift” of professional and reserve soldiers to join operations. The brigade’s badge bears the same mythical creature used by the Chindits, an Indian army guerrilla warfare force known for its unconventional methods in the Second World War. The scaling up of intelligence efforts comes after at least 155 people were arrested, including for assault on a police officer, during anti-lockdown protests in the West End of London yesterday. Many appeared to be influenced by anti-vax propaganda and refused to wear masks. Ministers are alarmed at the impact that online propaganda is having on public opinion. A recent report found that more than one-third of people are uncertain or are very unlikely to be vaccinated. Ministers believe Britain will become the first western country to approve a vaccine next week. A BioNTechand Pfizer treatment is set to receive approval within days, paving the way for injections as soon as December 7. Ministers will then launch a huge public campaign to encourage people to get a jab. The campaign will be reinforced by counter-disinformation efforts led by the Cabinet Office, with support from the army and GCHQ. Yesterday, conspiracy theories claiming that the pandemic was a cover for a plot by Bill Gates to implant trackable microchips into people, were readily available on Google and Twitter. In separate developments: ● The UK secured a further 2m doses of the Modernavaccine, which had a 94.5% trial success ● More than 50 hospital trusts in England have been designated “vaccine hubs” ● Sir Patrick Vallance, the government chief scientific adviser, is understood to have reassured No 10 officials that Oxford University and AstraZeneca’s cheaper vaccine is “still on track”. Last night, retired army brigadier Ben Barry, of the International Institute for Strategic Studies think tank, said the army would probably become increasingly important in countering Covid-19 disinformation. A core part of its work was analysing how messages flowed around the world, who was viewing messages, reacting and then spreading them to other people. The Ministry of Defence said the defence cultural support unit capabilities were “not being directed at the UK population; 77th Brigade do not, and have never, conducted any kind of action against British citizens”. Last night a Cabinet Office spokesman said: “As we edge closer to a vaccine, we continue to work closely with social media companies and other organisations to anticipate and mitigate any emerging anti-vax narratives and promote authoritative sources of information.”

    Military and emergency personnel are often the first in line to get vaccinated often without any right to exempt themselves. Is it a form of abuse visited upon them? Are the abused then turned into abusers?! Is this what they signed up for? To take away the right, the freedom to make a fully informed consent? And really what is it to make a voluntary fully informed consent? Truthfully what percentage of people would be able to fully analyse and assess the Safety Data Sheets, the Patient Information Leaflets and the Research and Development and scientific trials and to calculate the risks and odds of potential injuries and to weigh up the risks vs any benefits? What percentage of those who have sanctioned and who administer vaccines even bother to carry out such critical independent scientific assessments? Or do they administer vaccines in blind faith? And if so could they be directly sued for malpractice in the event of any injuries, perhaps even causing deaths?!

    Pray for the enlightenment of and the protection of enlightened military and emergency personnel and health care professionals.


  2. Praying every day for fortitude to refuse this by all means necessary, come what may, for however long a period of time.

  3. Didn’t know who Romano was. Turns out that after his doctorate in “crisis and transformation of society” in Italy, he studied “the formation of the Stalinist system of the 1930s and the relations between the Bolshevik party and rural society” in Moscow. Back in Italy, before joining the Democratic Party of the Left and becoming an elected MP, he did research for the [Communist] Gramsci Institute. He’s also been for the past eleven years an associate professor of Contemporary History at
    Since 2009 he is Associate Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Rome.
    Just how powerful is he in enforcing the Vax?

    1. I think he is simply divulging the plan, to prepare the wicked to go through with it and give them warning to be on the same page with the government when it moves. It would be foolish to think they are not going to try, seeing how they have destroyed the economy of Italy already. 40% of the taxes owed the goverment by businesses have not be paid, gross receipts of those which remain open are down 60%. Soon the government will not be able to pay anyone, and Italy will turn into Greece, where the Govt robs all bank accounts to pay its debts.

  4. Phase 4 of the va<<ine trials may be carried out on hundreds of thousands of people without their knowledge…. Partial transcript of the filmed interview by Journalist Stephen Kerr of ‘The Irish Inquiry’ with Prof. Luke O’Neill, Chair of Biochemistry, Trinity College Dublin Ireland published online on 27th November 2020.

    0mins20s The Irish Inquiry: ‘Given that SARS-CoV has already mutated doesn’t that lessen the chances of an effective va<<ine?’ Prof. Luke O’Neill: ‘No! Actually probably not and if it does mutate the RNA va<<ines can be modified quickly.’ The Irish Inquiry: ‘Can be modified quickly?!’ Prof. Luke O’Neill: ‘Yeah,….change the sequence of the RNA and then it protects against other like strains.’ The Irish Inquiry comment: Professor O’Neill admits here that when the virus mutates, which it inevitably will, that a new RNA va<<ine will be required. The Irish Inquiry: ‘Why would they go with these RNA va<<ines, these DNA va<<ines rather than the more traditional va<<ines?’ Prof. Luke O’Neill: ‘Well there’s loads of va<<ines in development as you probably know…’ The Irish Inquiry: ‘Yes I do but..’ Prof. Luke O’Neill: ‘All the different technologies are being explored.’

    1:44 The Irish Inquiry comment: So Luke confirmed here that any va<<ine that works would be great and that there are loads of different va<<ines in development…..In Ireland we are currently in line for 5 different Covid va<<ines through the EU Advance Purchase Scheme.’ 1:55 The Irish Inquiry: ‘How can you be so sure of the safety of the RNA va<<ines seeing as there has been no long term clinical studies carried out?’ Prof. Luke O’Neill: ‘Yeah, THAT WILL BE WATCHED IN THE PHASE 4 ONCE THE VA<<INE IS ROLLED OUT, IN OTHER WORDS, WHEN HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS HAVE BEEN VA<<INATED YOU’LL WATCH FOR THAT PHASE 4 SAFETY ANALYSIS, YOU KNOW?!’ 2:11 The Irish Inquiry comment: The average time to develop a va<<ine pre-Covid 19 was 10.7 years. LUKE STATED CLEARLY THAT STAGE 4 OF THE TRIALS WILL HAPPEN ON THE FIRST HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE TAKING THE NEW VA<<INE. Will people be informed that they are effectively signing up to be trial participants by taking any of these va<<ines? Also important is that regular va<<ines are only monitored for long-term safety up to three months….this is noteworthy as some adverse responses can occur months later or develop over years….. Today in Ireland cases are still before the courts for the swine flu scare of 2010 where hundreds of Irish people’s lives were ruined with rushed va<<ines. The Irish Inquiry: ‘Ok so you’re confident that these clinical trials for one or two months will be able to predict long-term?’ Prof. Luke O’Neill: ‘That’s the hope!’ The Irish Inquiry: ‘That’s the hope?! Ok! Ok! Do you think the manufacturer should be held liable for any adverse health effects that may arise? Prof. Luke O’Neill: ‘Don’t know!’ The Irish Inquiry: ‘You don’t know?!’ Prof. Luke O’Neill: ‘No!’ The Irish Inquiry: ‘So if people are injured in the future bearing in mind that you said there that a one or two month trial is ok..’ Prof. Luke O’Neill: ‘I didn’t say that!’ The Irish Inquiry: ‘What did you say?!’ Prof. Luke O’Neill: ‘I said um….well the big question is how long can you wait for the safety signal? Right! So the FDA and the EMA have mandated a certain amount of time, and then they judge the safety base in that time, and that’s their view, and they’re the Regulators, and so we follow what they say, everything that I say, is simply I guess, repeating what the EMA and FDA say.’ The Irish Inquiry: ‘So just to answer don’t know if va<<ine manufacturers should be held liable?’ Prof. Luke O’Neill: ‘I’m not an expert on indemnity or those legal aspects.’ The Irish Inquiry: ‘So you’ve no comment on that?’ Prof. Luke O’Neill: ‘I can’t comment on that, I haven’t got the expertise to comment.’

    Q. Has the fact that many governments around the world in the EU and elsewhere who are indemnifying manufacturers now become a main factor in what appears to be fast tracked clinical trials, that jump straight to effectively trialling va<<ines on hundreds of thousands of people before any full safety analysis has been completed? Has this become the norm? Is this what is now deemed to be ‘best practice’, the ‘gold standard’? Is this perhaps how all va<<ines are now trialled including the seasonal influenza va<<ines? The first in line for va<

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