Italy will not be easy for Globalists to conquer Italy

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

An Order of Battle for World War III

In Italy the Army numbers about 185 thousand, but the numbers of citizens with hunting licenses numbers about 3x that. There are 325 citizens for every member of the Army. But as it can be presumed that if the Government turn on the citizens to mandate the Vaccine with force, it is can be surmised that massive and effective resitance can be mounted by the civilian population. Here is a look at the statistics on gun licenses in Italy by province. One can assume that each owner per capita has more than 1 weapon and sufficient ammo.

The source of this information can be found here. Considering that many more had licenses in recent years, it can be assumed that the number of those who can use a gun and have a gun exceeds current numbers of licenses by about 50% at least. That means there may be as many as 6 or 7 armed citizens for every member of the Italian Army.

4 thoughts on “Italy will not be easy for Globalists to conquer Italy”

  1. Well, for the most part, firearms allowed for the use by civilians lack the firepower and lethality (stopping power) of military-grade firearms (full.automatic assault rifles, ample ammo with armor piercing capabilities, larger calibre machine guns, hand grenades, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, mortars, etc.). Secondly, it is highly unlikely for armed citizens to offer any organized resistance, as they are probably not trained in tactics and probably do not form any coherent organization capable of coordinated defense. Moreover, they also lack protective gear, which increases the survivability rate of their potential counterparts, that is, of combat personnel in armed forces (ballistic vests, helmets), as well as the necessary sensory and communications equipment hardened against jamming and interception (IR and other sensors, command and control communications, etc.). And, finally, they almost certainly do not possess any heavy weapons (cannons, howitzers, guided and unguided missiles, aircraft bombs, mines, high-explosive, incendiary, directed energy and other weaponry …) and mechanized platforms: armored vehicles (APCs, tanks, IFVs, armored trucks, attack and utility aircraft, watercraft, etc.). The first wave of forced vaccinations might be repelled sporadically if those perpetrating it would not have the immediate support of reinforcements; however, the retaliation against any such popular resistance would be overwhelming and brutally efficient. So, the balance of merely human, physical powers is more or less clear.
    And yet, there is a Weapon no temporal and no infernal power can counter: the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary recited with true faith and confidence by as many devout people as possible and as many times as possible every day (at least all 4 sets of Mysteries a day) and doing penance. Prayer moves mountains!

    1. I agree about the rosary, but I disagree about the rest, because the Italian Army will experience group inchoesion in attacking their own People.

      1. Therefore, the first move for Catholics in Italy, the USA and elsewhere is to gather at least 100 people (a Roman centuria comes to my mind) who will recite at least 3 Rosaries a day so “they could save their nation from contamination spread by the evil one.”

      2. You cannot promise the efficacy of such a prayer unless God reveal it. There is only one prayer to overcome this Covid Scam and rout Bergoglio, its that which was revealed to Bl. Emmerich and to the Children of Fatima.

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