Let Dr. Taylor Marshall know what you think!



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3 thoughts on “Let Dr. Taylor Marshall know what you think!”

  1. I have a question for the convert Marshall. Why are you dancing around the issue? Why don’t YOU identify Francis as an usurper and Antipope?

  2. Taylor Marshall is a Shill. Why would i want to take a poll of his to bring up his viewership? And who cares what he thinks or proves. We, who believe Pope Benedict is the Pope don’t need a poll. Faith is what drives us.

    1. Faith is what drives us, but whether Pope Benedict be the pope or not is not a matter of faith, it is a fact of the Law. And an opinion poll shows what people have come to know or understand upon a topic, so the results of this poll of his followers, who have heard him rant about Francis being the pope for 7 years, is really a defeat for his propaganda. That is why this poll is a triumph for all who accept the Law. We have nearly won over the majority among the talking heads which are trying to convince of the opposite. And that means a glorious victory will be soon be had by all who hail Benedict XVI as Christ’s Vicar on Earth.

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