Covid Vaccine causes massive outbreak in elderly care facility in Canada

Aphorisms for Scamdemic truth

Leak proves that MSM dine regularly with CCP Agents & Officials

Election News in the USA

Swiss citizen dies after receiving Pfizer mRNA “Vaccine”

Il Nono patriota predica!

Deep State moves to harvest children in its capital

Here D. C., means District of Columbia, the capital of the United States of America.

Disabled US Vet taken down by New Scamdemic Gestapo

Allowing this to be done to a disabled man is worse than doing it. If you see such things, you should call upon all bystanders to come to the aid and defense of the innocent.

French Attorneys prepare massive criminal case against obligatory Vaccination

Dr. Giuseppe Delicati punished with 20% pension reduction

This story shows, that if you sit around, watching other brave souls speak out, and do nothing to defend them, you are simply consenting to their persecution.

In Pennsylvania more than 600 Business owners defy the #Scamdemic

6.3 Magnitude Earthquake strikes Petrinje, Croatia