Demolishing the Farce of rebel Cardinals

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In 2013, the College of Cardinals gravely betrayed His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

Their excuse for their betrayal is simple. They simply think that THEY rule the Church and that the Pope is the figurehead of their club.

The ignore the divine constitution of the Church.

And they are hard in their hearts in their position, because for 7 years they will not even dialogue about it. Like Cardinal Burke’s secretary did to me, at most, they promise a meeting, but they never grant a meeting.

And the reason for this is that their position cannot be sustained on the Law. And they do not want anyone to realize that, so they play a game, betting that the personal reputations and dignity as Cardinals will fool most Catholics and obtain what they want: Bergoglio and his new way of being the Church of Satan.

None of them have broken with Bergoglio, so they all remain in communion with everything he has done and said. But worse, Bergoglio is not even the Pope. And they all know that.

Even the new club members insist on being presented to Pope Benedict, in a sort of theatrical farce which, perhaps they think, is sufficient to make their club memberships valid.

But it is not so. Because the very nature of the act posited by Pope Benedict XVI on Feb. 11, 2013 removes ALL CONSENT to anything the Roman Curia does after Feb. 28, 2013.

For by renouncing the Petrine Ministry, but not the Petrine Munus, he has layed aside the doing of his office, but not his office. Thus, he has publicly declared his DISSENT from everything which happens afterwards.

But the Cardinals would have it another way. Their argument is basically this:


Their argument would be valid in any other political form of government by men. But it is not valid in the Church of the Living God, Who became the Incarnate Word to teach men to speak the truth and not make up bold faced lies.

For the Cardinals position amounts to this:

  1. Words have no objective meaning
  2. Papal power is such that it can use words apart from their true meanings.
  3. The power of the College of Cardinals is such is that it can declare valid what is not objectively valid, so long as everyone agrees.

But none of these 3 theses are taught by the Church. Indeed, the Church’s entire history, reputation, Tradition, and indeed, Revelation itself, upon which the Church is founded, is totally contrary.

Words do have meaning. For if they do not, then calling the Eternal Son the Word of God would be a blasphemy, equivalent to saying that God is not Truth.

Papal power is not absolute. It was given by Christ to Peter as a munus, not as a divine omnipotence. A pope must serve Christ, not rule over him. To hold otherwise leads to the most outrageous daily blasphemies and heresies.

Finally, the College of Cardinals has NO power other than that which is granted it in Canon Law. And in Canon 332 §2 it expressly says that the Cardinals have NO say at all in the renunciation of the papacy.

For therein there is had these words:  If a Roman Pontiff happen to renounce his munus, there is required for validity of the renunciation that it be made freely and duly manifested but NOT that it be accepted by anyone whomsover.

So, let us be logical and sane. If the acceptance of a renunciation of munus, by the pope, on the part of the Cardinals is not required to make it valid, then certainly it cannot MAKE a renunciation of MINISTERIUM equal a renunciation of MUNUS.

And if words have meaning, then saying MINISTERIUM does not signify MUNUS.

And if the Pope must serve Christ, not reign over Him, then his power is not capable of altering the meaning of words or changing the logic of reality.

Therefore, the position of the Cardinals is simply wrong. And their insistence on holding it is A GRAVE CRIME OF SCHISM AND DISOBEDIENCE to God and to the Holy Father. For which, on account of 7 years of pertinacity in this, in virtue of Canon 1364, they have lost all dignity and office in the Church and are ipso facto EXCOMMUNICATED from the Catholic Church.

This is the truth. Anyone who says otherwise, is of the party of liars.

Nor does this truth change one bit, on the basis of a supposition that Benedict wanted or did not want to renounce the Petrine Munus. Because, if you want to get out of any contract, you must do so according to the rule of law, not according to a mythical whim. And if Cardinals think that their obedience to the Pope means pretending his whims are truth, then they have never learned to properly respect any superior, but remain in an infantile corrupt mind.

Perhaps it is time to tell them that, instead of courting their favors.

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21 thoughts on “Demolishing the Farce of rebel Cardinals”

  1. You never fail to amaze me with your cold logic. I absolutely agree with you. As the Church goes, so goes the world.

  2. A Pope and a “pope”. Two Popes, one light, the other, dark. How thoroughly Masonic, how Janus faced. Those photos of Bergoglio leering in, over Pope Benedict never fail to disturb me. That frail old man must have reserves of courage and fortitude.

  3. This is an excellent and very clear statement, Brother, completely comprehensible for even simple laypeople! Many thanks, may God bless you abundantly for this and your other precious labour!

  4. My grave concern, Brother, is that by these illegal actions of the Cardinals, and Bergoglio, the sacred Apostolic Line from Jesus, through Peter, has been severed. Once severed, does it not cast the Faithful adrift? Does the Holy Spirit dwell in a Church that willingly turns its back on its spiritual foundation? Or are we hanging by a golden thread as long as Benedict still lives? What happens when he dies? Please give us your opinion.

      1. When Benedict dies, who carries the Apostolic line? Because it is carried in the person of the Pontiff. The institutional Church of Rome is corrupt to the core. You yourself enumerate all the ways it is so. The “Papacy” of Francis itself is anathema. Again, accurately described by you. My query is aimed at whether there comes a point when the Apostolic Line is broken? How long before the Holy Spirit flees entirely? Can It exist in a place where it is not welcome? When will the Antichrist sit on the Throne of St. Peter as prophesied in the Book of Revelation? I fear these things are close…

      2. I agree. But I believe it will shift from the Church of Rome to an underground Roman Catholic Church during the Great Tribulation. Then the corrupted Holy See will be the locus of power for the One World Religion, whose head is the Antichrist.

    1. Christ promised to be with His Church until the end of the world. Not to believe that is a sin against the Holy Spirit. Therefore, faithful members of the one, holy Catholic Church cannot be “cast adrift” even though they might very much feel like it when they see the Vatican hijacked by the Clerical Cult of Pachamama. The Holy Spirit dwells within the true Church and us, the Church Militant. As for the counterfeit “Church of Darkness,” it is far more than “adrift”: its followers and leaders are anathema.

      1. It is prophesied that Antichrist will sit on the Seat of St. Peter. That is why I am broaching the topic.

  5. What evidence is there that the Church of Rome will (or must!) remain the Seat of the papacy and remain true to the faith in light of the fact that this Seat was first in Jerusalem, then Antioch and only later in Rome and that our Holy Mother revealed at LaSalette the Rome would lose the faith and become the seat of Anti-Christ. While Benedict is in Rome and still legally the bishop of Rome that apostasy has not yet fully come, but when he is removed (Nostradamus says in a December) and martyred, allowing that Wicked One, the Man of Sin, the Son of Perdition to be revealed (2 Thess. 2:7-8 and 3) and comes to “sit in the Temple of God” (v.4) how can the Seat of the following pope (the pope immediately elected by bishops of the “auxiliary ships” that had defended the “main ship” of in the St. John Bosco vision) be any longer the Church of Rome?

    1. Because as the Saints and Doctors teach, the Church will remain true to Christ until the end of time, and as a consquence also the Church of Rome, though at the end it will be reduced in numbers.

      1. The Roman Catholic Faith is not the same thing as the institutional Church of Rome. The Faith is the Mystical Body of Christ, wherever it is found. All I am saying is we had better prepare ourselves for the Abomination of Desolation.

      2. Yes there ia a difference, but not a separation, but you seem to confuse the Church with the institutions siezed by Bergoglio. You can never sieze the Church, like spirit as soon as you try she escapes grasp, though she in this world us skwsts incarnate

      3. I actually don’t confuse them, but your point is well taken. For it seems we actually agree. My point is that the true Church will have to flee Rome, for a period, during the Abomination of Desolation.

  6. Brother, this is exactly the sense of the faithful, but nobody can put it better than you! 👍

  7. I thought bringing an idol into St Peters and placing an earth offering on the Altar was an abomination, the world has not been the same since then, Churches locked , no public worship of God, something horrible took place that day, what the outcome will be only God knows.

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