World Leaders agree: the Vaccine does not work!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Main Stream Media is telling us that the Vaccine is a must. Everyone has to accept it and take it. No one must refuse.

But does the Vaccine work?

If you listen to what they are saying on all the news channels and tv, then you can see that no, it will not work.

But I do not say this on my own authority. I say this on the authority of those who are telling me to take it.

What do I mean? How can this be? Is this not a contradiction?

Yes and no.

Because they say everyone must take it, but then insist that you take it several times. That you continue to wear a mask and practice social distancing.

But, if it works, why do you need to do that?

And if if works, why does anyone need to do these things still.

Because if the Vaccine does work, then you need not fear anyone without a mask, however close, whether they are vaccinated or no.

But they are all saying that we must practice these controls for ever. No exceptions.

So what they are really saying, is that the Vaccine does not work.

Though, I concede, that the truth really is, that there is no pandemic and that therefore the Vaccine is for delivering something other than a vaccine.

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6 thoughts on “World Leaders agree: the Vaccine does not work!”

  1. It’s more revelation of the method Luciferian mind games. They (our wise, illumined and masters of gnosis – sarcasm alert) are dazzling us with the sheer audacity of their deception. The more obvious and flagrant, the deeper go the stupid sheep (as the gnostics see us – but they’re not wrong are they?) in their cognitive dissonance. And the divide between waking and sleeping becomes a chasm.

  2. I have a question – What about the second shot. If it is made by a different vaccine company from the first shot – what kind of a reaction could that have? Adverse? Just by mixing two different vaccines?

    I am not getting any of it.

  3. This sophistic manipulation by Satan’s minions indicates that the reality must be the following: vaccines against the COVID-19 do not work in the way people expect (so as to offer a reasonably safe and successful immunization against the dreaded disease, where benefits would sufficiently outweigh the risks), but do work for the evil intentions of those who inflict them on the global population: they will create deadly disease and horrendous suffering and consequently result in ghastly depopulation, all to the material and political benefit of those behind this evil plot to perpetrate global vaccination, a vaccicide in fact.

  4. From much of what I have read, heard, and understood, the WuFlu event was launched as a final “insurance policy” to sabotage Mr. Trump’s re-election so Marxist Globalism could at last take center stage and “bring down the house.” Now that it apparently has, the props (positive test and asymptomatic case hysteria, death spikes,may be done away with as deftly as they were heretofore exploited. Are we really surprised that vaccines are suddenly coming from all over the place, with 95%+ success rates of course? Some may be fake placebos, i.e. a logical, predictable end to a fake virus. Some may be highly dangerous, putting our body systems and our minds into altered states, selectively programming many for an early and ugly death. We think of the great Dragon in the Apocalypse, its horrible tail seeming to sweep away so much of the heavens.
    Whatever happens, as Brother Alexis says, we must not feed the Beast or let any form of Christophobia sweep us away into oblivion or into its maw.

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