Italian Minister of Health: 2 Doses of Vaccine required, no evidence how effective

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Attorney Polacco is one of the most prominent attornies in Italy right now, for his defense of civil liberties against the Scamdemic. In fact, he assisted more than 2000 citizens to file a criminal complaint against the Prime Minister for violating the constitution. A legal case which is in course.

Attorney Polacco offers news each day and legal advice. Here is a summary in English of the more important points in the video above:

202 Million doses of vaccines are being purchased by the Italian government for the 65 million citizens. As of yet, there is no scientific evidence, says the Italian Minister of Health, of whether the immunity granted by the vaccine will last. This is Edoardo Polacco’s summary of the official communication from the Italian government.

In addition to this, the Minister will require that all students in medicine take a course on how to administer the Vaccine and participate in the administration of it as a requirement of their formation in the medical profession.

According to Dr. Taro, one of the world experts, says that the mRNA vaccine has the risk, consequentially, of permanently effecting the DNA of the person, but it might not be evident for the first few years. Thus, the damage caused might be irreversible and irreparable.

Attorney Polacco says he will never personally take this Vaccine and will defend his family and clients until the last day of his life on this score.

As you can see, it is all a scam to sell vaccines and create an ongoing excuse to continue to administer them to people. It is not about science or medicine, it is about control and slavery.

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