Scott Kesterton interviews the Catholic General, Michael Flynn

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3 thoughts on “Scott Kesterton interviews the Catholic General, Michael Flynn”

  1. Quick Summary….he spoke about the importance of family and having ‘true’ friends and that he discovered who his ‘true’ friends were during troubled times…..including strangers who came to his aide from nowhere. He said things like it’s only a poor excuse to plead ignorance about what is really going on…..try to ignore the repetitive mainstream media propaganda noise….there are plenty of ways to get yourself properly informed. Trump when re-elected for the next four years, like a speed bump in a road, will only be able to slow down the current path to Socialism in America. The ‘speed bump’ will provide the opportunity for all Patriots awakening and awakened to push very hard against ‘The System’ that is trying to impose Socialism in America. He said to never quit! Never Quit! You will find the strength to continue on with God at your side. Think about the kind of world that you would like your children and great grandchildren to inhabit.

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