Wyoming Public Health Official: Covid Vaccines are novel threats to humanity

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4 thoughts on “Wyoming Public Health Official: Covid Vaccines are novel threats to humanity”

  1. Absolutely essential viewing, even for hardened scamdemic watchers. The talk ends at around 50 minutes – the rest is question time.

    The hardest-hitting personal testimony that gathers together all of the nefarious strands of the scamdemic and the derivation of the vaccine and what it portends if we succumb. Dr Shepherd is a former military physician from the former Soviet Union who has worked on pandemic planning and response for the Wyoming State Government until being sacked in response to giving this talk.

  2. As millions have been exposed to Covid most with no or mild symptoms as revealed by testing then these have natural immunity and do not require a vaccine.

  3. It would be a public service to transcribe this talk so that more Americans and the world would have access to it. Some people would have great trouble understanding what he is saying, especially older people. Because you cannot see his face close up, it makes it even harder to decode. I’m getting most of it, but many people would have trouble. It’s important information. Needs to be heard and shared.

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