Italian Government cries uncle on Vaccine, admits there is no Pandemic

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here is a summary of the video above.

The Italian Vice Minister for Health, Pierpaolo Silieri, was asked on camera whether the Covid Vaccine by Pfizer would be imposed by obligation upon Italian citizens or whether they would be left to take it or not, according to their own discretion.

He admitted that the Government will not impose it by obligation but allow each citizen to decide or not to take it.

This is a stunning development, because it reveals that:

  1. The Government admits it does not have the legal authority (in the Italian constitution a mandatory health treatment is forbidden)
  2. The Government admits it does not have the political support to modify the constitution (which can only be done by popular referendum)
  3. The Government admits it does not have the support of the armed forces and police to violate the constitution, which could otherwise support such an imposition.

But most of all, the Government has ADMITTED that there is no Pandemic. Because obviously, if there was, it would make the vaccine obligatory to avoid mass deaths.

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3 thoughts on “Italian Government cries uncle on Vaccine, admits there is no Pandemic”

  1. Halleluia! Praise and thanks to God!
    Does this mean that the Christmas/New Year quarantines and closures will soon be lifted, and U.S. pilgrims can return to Italy?

    1. Alas not in written form, but now even more Italians will stop observing the rules. I saw 5 police men the other day without masks. Today I saw numerous persons without masks, a thing I have not seen in 7 months. As the wall falls, it will fall more and more quickly daily. There are now calls for the resignation of the President and Prime Minister.

  2. In the US, we have been out of pandemic status since the first week in April. Look at any honest graph and you will see that in April is when the number of survivable “cases” began to go into the stratosphere and the number of deaths remained hugging the bottom of the graph. That was also the same time they began to enforce mask mandates and lockdowns. Yep, just when we had scientifically came out of the pandemic is when we got the double whammy.

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